Leighton’s Elmo + Abby Birthday Party

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be having a character themed birthday party, I would have laughed in your face. Buttttt never say never, because when you have kids and they love something it’s too fun to indulge in it with them.

I’m pretty sure most of us know who Elmo is (the lovable monster from Sesame Street), but in case you don’t have a toddler at home Abby is a newer addition to the street. She’s a little purple fairy and Leighton has always had a soft spot for her. In fact, an Abby doll was her gift from Houston at the hospital.

She LOVES her Elmo and Abby stuffed animals and treats them like her own babies. They go for walks in the pram, have breakfast in their high chair and even get baths in her kitchen sink. So when it came time to plan her 2nd birthday, I knew exactly what to do. Although, the word “planning” might be used loosely because when you are in the newborn sleep deprived fog, you don’t really have the brain power to get too creative.

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