Friday Favorites on a Monday 11/17

I realize I am a little behind on Friday Favorites. I started this post before we left for Sydney on Thursday but we were a little busy exploring so I didn’t have a chance to finish. Better late than never, right?!

1. New Cameras!

IMG_1019 IMG_1048
Travis brought home our Christmas presents from Denver- a Nikon DSLR and a GoPro. I’m so excited to actually learn to use them but for now we’re doing a lot of just playing. It’s just nice to have something other than my iPhone camera. Now if only Travis would stop being a little shutterbug and let me practice some (I am pretty sure he’s mostly worried I am going to drop it).

2. Apple Crisp

Trav can’t turn down a bargain so when he saw a bag full of slightly bruised and scratched apples for $3 at the farmer’s market last week it was clear we would be going home with them. So I spent the week trying to find apple recipes that didn’t contain a stick (or two) of butter. There was a failed go at making dehydrated apples in the oven but I did find a winning apple crisp recipe. It was so easy and delicious, the only thing missing was ice cream! You can find the recipe I used here, I just made 1/4 of it so it was just enough for the two of us.

3. Me Before You


I finished this book at 12:30 last night, which is a solid 2.5 hours past my bedtime. It is so good. I don’t want to say too much because I want every single person I know to go out and read it if you haven’t. Then we can talk about it.

4. FinnDood Instagram

My Houston friend Jenn’s dog has an instagram account and I am not even ashamed to say he is my favorite account I follow. I love any type of a doodle and was in the process of convincing Travis to adopt one when we found out we were moving. So following a dog instagram account is clearly the next best option. Also, you can’t save photos off instagram and I am too lazy to mess with it on my phone so just click the link (in the title) and see what I am rambling about. It will be worth it,  I promise. Spoiler alert- he wears human clothes.

5. Sydney


I am currently trying to sort through the 200+ pictures we took on four different devices in order to put together some sort of an informative post (or three). But I will say this was one of my favorite places. Sydney is such a fun city! Now we just need people to come visit so we have an excuse to go back (hint hint 😉 ).

6. Bruschetta


Two things happened this week: 1. I had a random intense craving for bruschetta 2. We had too many tomatoes to get rid of (also a result of Travis’ aforementioned farmer’s market bargain hunt)

So I think you know where I am going with this. I made my own lazy person’s version of Bruschetta out of things we already had on hand. I don’t want to toot my own horn but it was really, really good. Or at least I thought so, and Travis ate it two nights in a row before dinner so I don’t think he hated it. Now I just want to make lots of different types of bruschetta for every meal. I have already found a breakfast version, a Mexican version… oh the possibilities!

Well that’s all for today folks. Next up… the beginning of the Sydney recap!

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