Leighton {Two Months}

First off- holy cow, I can’t believe I have been a mom for two months. Leighton’s personality really came out this month. I feel like the first month with a newborn is mostly just eating, sleeping and pooping. This month though I feel like I am really getting to know her little personality and likes and dislikes. It has been so fun to see that little smile light up the room and to get to play with her instead of just keep her from crying (that’s what I feel like most of the first month was).


Since the two of us are spending a lot of time one on one now I feel like I am really getting to know her cues and what she wants most of the time. Although this feisty chick can through us some curve balls, it has been so fun to watch her grow and change so much in the past four weeks. Just looking at her weekly pictures you can see how she “woke up” over the weeks.


4.63 kg/10lbs 2oz


Finally growing out of newborn clothes and diapers. Bring on the cute 0-3 clothes I’ve been waiting for her to wear!


Still eating (nursing + formula) every three hours on the dot during the day. She was doing really well just waking up at 3-4ish to feed at night but lately has been wanting to eat at 1am then every few hours until she’s up.


Still working on getting daytime sleeps in. She still doesn’t want to miss out and if she naps it’s in her crib in her quiet room. She’s not consistent but if she will go down she will take a long 2-3 hour nap. We go on a lot of outings in the afternoon so she will sleep in the stroller or carrier. But if she wakes up and sees people having fun, it’s game over and she wants to be up in the middle of things. At night we have a routine of bath, bottle, bed by 7pm and she usually is pretty worn out and goes down easily. She is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room but after my mother-in-law leaves at the end of the month we will start transitioning her to her crib (fingers crossed).


Sunshine and being outside, Baby Einstein Musical Toy, kicking the keys on her piano gym, laying on her changing table (complete turn around from the first month when she HATED it), diaper changes and just being naked, getting her hair blow dryed after a bath (seriously), “standing up” on our laps and looking around, looking in the mirror, bath time in the tummy tub 

Hanging out in her favorite spot in the house. If she’s fussy all you have to do is plop her up there and she is happy. She’s even smiling when her dad gave her a mohawk…


going to sleep when people are around because clearly she might miss out on something fun, getting buckled in to anything, waiting to eat (especially after a nap) 

  • First fireworks show at Riverfire
  • Lunch dates in the city with dad



  • Getting her newborn pictures in, I can’t wait to share them!
Developmental Milestones:

Smiling!!! Leighton started smiling at the end of her 5th week and really started smiling a lot this past week. It is my favorite thing ever!!

She’s also starting to notice things more such as the mobile on her bouncer that has never caught her interest before. Once I saw that I pulled out her play gym and she will lay on there and kick at the piano keys and stare at the toys. I also caught her watching the tv for the first time while we were down on the carpet. She was really tickled by the couple on house hunters who couldn’t decide which mega mansion in Sausalito to buy.


What’s up next…

Meeting her Grandma Sassy on Saturday! She’s coming to stay with us for a couple weeks and we are taking a one week trip around one of our favourite places we’ve visited- Tasmania!

The weather is warming up and Leighton now owns a bathing suit so I’m thinking beach trips are in our future. ☺️

And now for the outtakes…
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In case you haven’t noticed the blog has taken a backseat to newborn life, but it is what it is and one day when I’m much more rested I’m sure I will get back to posting multiple times a week. Until then here’s a peak at what we have been up to around here… Continue reading

Leighton’s Nursery 

Hi friends! After cranking out a record three posts last week, I have a feeling this week will be a little slow on the blog front.

My mom and I actually finished Leighton’s nursery the night before she arrived. I took these pictures that night (because there is now an air mattress in the middle of the room) so you will have to forgive the poor lighting.

I originally had in mind a girly, antique style nursery for Leighton. As we started  buying the furniture though I started leaning towards a more modern, simple but girly look.

Since we are in an apartment we couldn’t paint the walls and everything “hung” on the walls was done so with command hooks and strips.

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Leighton {The First Week}

As I mentioned in her birth story, we spent the majority of her first week in the hospital. For private patients in Australia, five days is standard for cesarean patients. At first I thought I would be so ready to get out of there by then, but we actually ended up staying an extra day. We were having feeding issues and her pediatrician (who only really sees her at the hospital, very different to the US) recommended we stay an extra day to get things sorted and monitor her weight gain. He left it up to me though and with all the support and resources available at the hospital it just made sense to stay. We complain about the high taxes living here but we definetly saw them at work during our experience.

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Weekending: The Final Countdown 

We are in the home stretch and Baby A will be joining us any day now. This past weekend was our last weekend as a party of two and we wanted to make the most of our time together.

The weekend celebrations started on Thursday when we went out to dinner to celebrate our third anniversary (it was actually Wednesday but Travis was out of town for work). We wanted to try somewhere new so I turned to good ole Google and looked up Brisbane date night restaurants. We decided to try out Nickel Kitchen & Bar, a newer restaurant nearby our apartment. The decor was gorgeous and my favorite was the giant wine glass chandelier that I think we need for our future home.

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Favorite Pregnancy Resources

Hi friends!

When I first found out I was pregnant I was on the hunt for ALL of the information I could find. After checking out or putting on hold pretty much every pregnancy related book in the library and reading every article/blog post I could find on Pinterest, I had slight information overload. I also realized that even though opinions may vary, a lot of it was repeat information. So now that I have done a lot of my own research I figured I would share my favorite pregnancy resources for all things baby and bump so far. Let me know if you have any others I should check out!

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