Houston {Eleven and Twelve Months}

Our baby boy is one year old (plus a month and a bit, whoops)! For the record I wrote this post just after his birthday it has just taken me some time to finish it.

These past few months have been BUSY. Houston has celebrated his first Mother’s Day and Easter and took his first international vacation to New Zealand. He has learned to walk, started to say words and apparently forgot how to sleep (shocking).

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Houston {Ten Months}

As per usual, I am almost a month late on poor Houston’s update.

This month was a busy one! We moved from Brisbane to Adelaide, so Houston was bouncing around 4 different “homes” in the past few weeks. He did well though and he is absolutely loving our new house and the backyard. Houston is still the sweetest, most loving little boy who loves to blow kisses and nuzzle his head on your chest. He smiles at everyone and is just genuinely happy almost all of the time (when he is not he is very good at letting you know). I am not sure how we got so lucky to be this little guy’s parents.


22ish pounds (he hasn’t been properly weighed in months)

6 teeth (four top and two bottom)

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Houston’s Newborn Photos

Hi friends! Both kids are napping and I have a bit of time to share some of my favorite photos from our recent newborn shoot. When I say recent I mean it was almost five weeks ago, which feels like a whole other lifetime. Houston was only three weeks old and I feel like he has already changed so much.

Jana came over to our house the same Sunday that my parents had left to go back to Texas, so it was a bit of a crazy day. Especially since they had been staying in Houston’s room, I had to scramble to turn it back into a nursery. Jana is the same photographer that took our family photos back in November, that also doubled as our pregnancy announcement. I love her style and am so happy with the way they turned out! There were over 100 images, so it was tough to narrow them down, but here are my top 44 :).


We started in Houston’s room with just he and I while Travis entertained Leighton downstairs. I was pleasantly surprised how well he stayed asleep, with only one little nursing break.

After a while, Leighton and Trav came in to join us. Leighton wasn’t quite sure about everything at first, but once she warmed up she just wanted to bring us books to read.

Then we moved into our room to finish off the session. By this point Leighton and Houston were both getting a bit hangry and less cooperative, luckily you can’t really tell in the photos.

This is one of my favorites- Jana was trying to get a cute picture of Travis and Houston (which she did), but look what was happening on the other end…

“Yee haw!” as Leighton says.

Saving our family photo for the very end probably wasn’t the best since they are mostly a variation of this one, but that pretty much sums up life with 2 under 2. Hope you enjoyed them!

Houston {One Month}

Things have been a bit quiet over on the blog, but not in our house ☺️. I’m finally getting around to writing Houston’s first monthly update, just a couple weeks late.

I can’t decide if this month has gone by fast or slow. I did accidentally refer to him as my unborn child (like I thought I was still pregnant) the other night, so there’s that.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a bit about one month old Houston Alkek.

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Houston {The Birth Story}

Hi friends! It’s currently 5am on the 18th of May and I’m writing this while cuddling my SON at the hospital. I figure what better time to write out his birth story while it is all fresh.

If you have been reading my bump dates you might remember that towards the end I was really wondering if I was going to make it my scheduled date. The last week and a half of the pregnancy I was getting pretty regular contractions and feeling like the baby had dropped lower and lower. I would time them and at times they were as close as 6 minutes apart, but weren’t increasing in intensity and would eventually stop. Since I never went into labor with Leighton I wasn’t sure what to expect though, so I tried to really keep an eye on them.

My mom got into Brisbane on Monday morning, and Leighton and I were so excited to see her. We spent the next three days running last minute errands, getting flu shots and spoiling Leighton before she became a big sister. All the while I was feeling progressively more uncomfortable.

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