Houston {The Birth Story}

Hi friends! It’s currently 5am on the 18th of May and I’m writing this while cuddling my SON at the hospital. I figure what better time to write out his birth story while it is all fresh.

If you have been reading my bump dates you might remember that towards the end I was really wondering if I was going to make it my scheduled date. The last week and a half of the pregnancy I was getting pretty regular contractions and feeling like the baby had dropped lower and lower. I would time them and at times they were as close as 6 minutes apart, but weren’t increasing in intensity and would eventually stop. Since I never went into labor with Leighton I wasn’t sure what to expect though, so I tried to really keep an eye on them.

My mom got into Brisbane on Monday morning, and Leighton and I were so excited to see her. We spent the next three days running last minute errands, getting flu shots and spoiling Leighton before she became a big sister. All the while I was feeling progressively more uncomfortable.

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Leighton {The Birth Story}

Hi friends! If you follow me on any form of social media then you are probably very well aware that we have a new family member.

Leighton Alyece (pronounced like Layton Elise) Alkek joined us Friday, August 5th at 8:35am weighing 7 lbs 8oz and measuring 20.5in. We are absolutely infatuated.

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