Halloween 2018

Hi friends! Since we are halfway through November, I figured what better time to recap Halloween (whoops)?!

Last year was the first year that Leighton dressed up, but she was only a bit over one, so she didn’t really have a clue what was going on. This year was fun because she was actually so excited about her costume and going to a party. When I first mentioned to her that she could dress up as the man in the yellow hat and Houston could be Curious George, she surprised me by getting really excited about it. I knew she didn’t really know what halloween was so I tried to find a few episodes of her favorite shows where they celebrated halloween (Llama Llama and Daniel Tiger). Once she understood, she would tell anyone that asked what they were going to be.

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Weekending around Brisbane

Hi friends! I thought I would finally show my face around here and share some pictures from our weekend. It wasn’t anything too exciting but I feel like I have been slacking on sharing all the hundreds of photos I take of our little family and talk about what we get up to.

As I mentioned in my September post, Travis spent almost two weeks in Texas for work. Since he has been back it feels like it has rained every weekend, all weekend. So we were pretty happy to see the forecast for last weekend was sunny. Saturday morning started early, because babies. Leighton loves a good sleep in, and I am hoping Houston catches on soon. Who wants to start the weekend by 6am anyway?! We lounged around with our little guy for a while and had our coffees, before he went down for his morning nap and Leighton was up.

Once Houston was up from his nap, we got ready and headed out to the farmer’s market. We have been going to the New Farm market since we first moved to Brisbane, and it is a go to on any Saturday we don’t have plans. Houston wore his baseball cap for the first time and I melted. Leighton is currently loving collecting flowers everywhere she goes.

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Life Lately {August Edition}

Hi friends! I can’t believe it is already half way through September and I haven’t even blogged much about what we got up to in August. So here is a little recap of the month, it was a busy one so grab a cup of tea and get comfy.

At the first of the month my mother in law and her boyfriend came to Australia to visit for three weeks. They arrived the day before Leighton’s birthday party and it was so fun to have them there. After the birthday celebrations, we spent the next week exploring Brisbane.

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Family Friendly Fun in Brisbane

Hi friends! As you know, once you have kids your weekend activities tend to change quite a bit. Gone are the sleep ins and long brunches and in are the early mornings and planning the day around nap times and playground access.

As you might have gathered, Travis and I aren’t really the types to just hang around the house all weekend. We have spent the past two years finding things to do around Brisbane that please both the little one and us.

Today I am partnering with Expedia.com.au to share a few of our favorite spots that are fun for the whole family.

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Weekends in July

Since becoming a family of four, we haven’t been heading out on too many adventures on the weekends. Newborns are a bit unpredictable, so we have been taking it easy staying close to home. Hopefully once we are in the swing of things, Houston will be ready to do some exploring further. I haven’t been keeping up with posting lately, so I figured it was time for a little update on what we have been up to on the weekends.

When I last left off, my brother and sister in law were visiting. The following weekend was one of our favorite festivals, the Teneriffe Festival. Teneriffe is the neighborhood directly across the river, where we lived our first few years (in fact in the first picture that is our old building they are walking by). We loved that neighborhood so much, I actually did a whole post on it a few years ago (here).

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Morgan and Ben take Brisbane

So, I I have been a bit behind (jk really behind) on sharing what has been going on in our lives this past month. I now have a backlog of pictures I want to write about and I’m figuring just how to go about organizing them. When I last posted an update it wasn’t long after my parents left. Well, since then we have had another set of visitors (and more coming in a couple weeks!).

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Life Lately: 2 Under 2

Hi friends! As expected things are a bit slow on the blog front right now, but I thought I would pop in to share a bit of life lately.We are a month into having two kids under two. How is that possible?

My parents were in town for the first three weeks of Houston’s life and that was such a blessing. My mom cooked, cleaned and gave Leighton her undivided attention. She is super woman. My dad got to be fun Pops with Leighton, the baby whisperer (seriously Houston would calm down the minute he held him) and even got to squeeze in some golf games across the street.

When they left I was so sad, but it’s nice getting back into the swing of things and figuring out life as a family of four though.

Here are some highlights from their visit…

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Mother’s Day on Coochiemudlo Island

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. We are living in the land of toddler and newborn craziness, but luckily my parents are here making it much more manageable.

Both kids are napping, so I figured I would finally post about our little day trip from Mother’s Day.

Travis told me the day before that he had a surprise planned for Sunday (Mother’s Day) so not to make any plans. I woke up after a nice sleep in to Leighton shoving gummy worms and a card in my face. Travis surprised me with the beautiful flowers that I had been admiring at the flower shop on the end of our street (and they are still alive and pretty today!). Continue reading