Sights of Bruges

Today I am talking about our trip to Bruges, Brugge or whatever you want to call it (not really, I am sure they would prefer you stick to one of those two) a couple weeks ago.

After a couple of days in London with my parents and sister, all five of us piled in the car and headed to Belgium. Before this trip I did not know anything about Bruges, or Belgium in general. All I knew was that my parents said that it was a cute little town with christmas markets and an ice skating rink, and it was only 3.5 hours away from London. Sold. Spending the holiday season in 90 plus temperatures had me craving a winter chill to make me feel like it was actually Christmas.

Note: Bruges is such a beautiful city and everywhere you turn there is something photograph worthy. I wanted to share those sights in this post and share other tourist information (what to do, eat etc.) in a separate one.

So here you go, the sights and sounds of Bruges…

Ok, there aren’t any sounds but you can use your imagination.


Burg Square


Bruges has been around since the 9th century and the historic city centre (which is located within the city walls) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fun fact: Bruges received their official city charter on July 27, 1128 which is exactly 885 years before Travis and I got married. It’s like we were meant to visit.


The most photographed spot in Bruges (according to the internet, so it must be true)

Most of the city’s medieval architecture is still in tact and walking around you literally feel like you are stepping back in time.


Delicious chocolate shops on every corner.


Adorable cafes on every corner, adorable husbands as well.


The canal runs through the town and boat tours are available but the frigid weather detoured us from going.



The Church of Our Lady in the background.


Minnewater Park


Béguinage, a monastery.


“Stop staring at me Swan!” Name the movie.


I got sick of smiling in front of things.


This gentleman really wanted in the photograph.


Cobblestone streets and cozy shops.

We were told Bruges has two seasons- busy and really busy. We were there during the week and the streets were pretty actually pretty quiet. It was nice to not have to wait in lines or for a table at dinner. By Thursday, everything was picking up for the weekend and there were noticeably more tourists.


The center of town was the Market Square or “Markt.” This is where the ice skating rink and Christmas Market was set up. Everything else was located on streets that branched off. We were warned that many of the shops and restaurants off the “Markt” were overpriced tourist traps.



Ice Skating Rink


I hope you enjoyed the sights of Bruges 🙂 I will be posting a much more informative guide to Bruges next week.


Friday Favourites: European Edition

Happy Friday 🙂

Our whirlwind weeklong trip is coming to a close, we got back to London this afternoon and we head back to Oz tomorrow evening. It’s been a chilly but fun week of family time, exploring new places and relaxing.

When we get home I will be posting more about where we went and what we did with photographic evidence from the “big camera” but until then, here are my favorites via lovely iPhone photography.

Christmas in London


There’s something magical about Christmas time in London. The streets are busy, everyone has shopping bags and there are Christmas decorations and lights everywhere. I felt super touristy taking this picture but whatever- my husband is wearing a backpack so I guess we’re not really fooling anyone.

Gordon’s Wine Bar


This is the fourth time in the past year we have been to Gordon’s in hopes of sitting in the cave-like cellar. The first time it was closed, the second and third time it was so packed we had to perch on a wine barrel outside with our wine glasses. But we are nothing if not determined and apparently 2pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon is not the most popular time to sit inside a dark cave and drink wine. We got prime real estate tucked right in the back corner. We split a bottle of wine, enjoyed a cheese plate and a Sunday roast and pretty much forgot what sunlight and the outside world looked like for a while. Gordon’s is the oldest wine bar in London and possibly all of Europe- built in the 1800’s. Most of it is still in its original condition including the dining area that is lit only by candle light. If you are in London I would add this to your list- good food, cheap wine and a step back in time.

Hunter Wellies


I got an early Christmas present from my parents- the Hunter rain boots (or Wellies) I’ve been eyeing. I was so excited when I saw rain in the forecast for Brugge so I could break them in! Now I’m just crossing my fingers for more rain in Brisbane when we get back! Someone else liked them too…


He just had a little trouble removing them.




We spent the past several days in the quaint little town of Brugge (or Bruges), Belgium. I’m not exaggerating when I say it looks like a fairytale. The city center is literally within walls, the streets are cobblestone, the houses look fake and there are as many horse drawn carriages as there are cars on the road. I can’t wait to share more on our time there.

Tomorrow we head back home- only 8 hours to Dubai and 15 hours to Australia.

Until next time, check out the other Friday Favorites on the link up…





Friday Favorites 10/24

I’m linking up again this week with Andrea to share my weekly favorites! 🙂


Upcoming Trips with my Favorite


We booked two trips this week! We are going to London to visit my parents at the end of November. Since it will be our third visit (and my fourth time in London) we decided to do some traveling during our stay. We are taking a road trip to Brugge, Belgium for a few days with my parents. That is the picture my mom sent me this morning of the Christmas market and informed me they booked an apartment just three blocks from there for our visit. I’m so excited!

We also booked our flights to go to Sydney in November. The G20 Summit is taking place in Brisbane this year and we want to get out of town and escape the madness!

If anyone has any must see/do/eat for Brugge, London or Sydney, let me know!

My Favorite Lunch


Today I made one of my very favorite recipes for lunch for the first time since we moved. It’s Avocado Chicken Salad and I think I have finally perfected the recipe. I had to make homemade pita chips since I haven’t found them in the stores here yet. Also, not photographed: HUGE pinterest fail chickpea chocolate chip cookies. You win some, you lose some.

My Favorite Morning Ritual


I first found out about the She Reads Truth on one of my favorite blogs. It’s a bible study app for women that has lots of devotionals for you to choose from and go through day by day. The last couple weeks I have really been making an effort read a devotional each morning and it has made a big difference in how I start my day.

My Favorite Show

I finally caught up on Mindy this week. It’s just so great. That’s all I can say.

That’s it for today. We have big plans for the weekend including the farmer’s market and a G20 Kick-off event where you throw color at people. Have a great weekend 🙂