Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 34-38}

I can not believe this is my last pregnancy post (possibly ever). As mentioned before, I am having a scheduled cesarean since I had one with Leighton, so I will not be going all the way to 40 weeks. As I write this intro I have only three and half weeks to go (unless he or she comes earlier) and that is just bananas. Time has flown by, and unlike my pregnancy with Leighton, I have not been wishing time away and am genuinely sad to see it all come to an end. On the other hand, I can not wait to meet this little person who will be joining our little threesome.

Week 34

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Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 29-33}

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Besides the pesky cold hanging around our house, we had a nice weekend full of family time. I can’t believe it’s already time to post another one of these updates, it feels like yesterday I was writing the first one. We are officially in the third trimester and time is not slowing down.

Week 29

I can’t believe we are already in the home stretch. We had an appointment with our OB this week. I am on biweekly appointments now, but since it’s my second and a pretty uneventful pregnancy he’s letting me stretch them to three weeks. I remember with Leighton loving getting to go so often and check on her, but with a toddler in tow it’s a lot more of an effort since Trav actually needs to be there to help wrangle (whereas with Leighton it wasn’t a big deal if he didn’t make every appointment).

The past few weeks I have received several comments on my bump being small, and honestly I felt like it had stalled a bit in growth especially since it seemed to pop out so fast at the beginning. I wasn’t genuinely worried, but I still was anxious to see that our little guy or girl was growing on track. We had a scan and everything looked great and all the measurements were growing at the same rate, still measuring just below the 50% line, just like Leighton. My guess is this babe will be very similar in size (around 7.5lbs).

Other than that I have still been soooo tired and consistently taking an afternoon nap when Leighton does. My sleep seems to be getting better at night, probably because I am so exhausted from the day (and heat). I haven’t had any really strong cravings this pregnancy, but this week all I want to do is eat ice. This is especially inconvenient since we don’t have an ice maker (no crushed ice) and I realise that chewing on ice cubes can not be good for my teeth. I can’t help it though it is all I want. I would do anything for a giant cup of Sonic ice right now.

Week 30

I feel like 30 is a big week. I remember I had my baby shower for Leighton at 30 weeks and I felt so pregnant.

This time around I would almost forget I’m pregnant except this Bub is constantly doing flips to remind me they are in there. I’m starting to get really sad thinking about the end of Leighton as an only child era. We have such a great little routine and when I think how that’s all going to change soon I get emotional.

My main symptom is still just the exhaustion. I normally wake up naturally around 6 every morning and get up and moving before Leighton wakes, but twice this week I have stayed in bed past 7 (almost eight one day). I’m still going to the gym three times a week and I love that it still feels so good to work out. Last time I was a lot more uncomfortable at this point.

31 Weeks

My friends threw me a sprinkle to celebrate the baby. It was so fun (more on that here) and I love that so many people already love our little Bub already. Leighton was lots of help going through the gifts the next day.

We also had a four day weekend this week in honor of Easter. We left Friday for two nights in the Granite Belt, for what will most likely our last little trip as a threesome. We had such a perfect weekend and I’m so glad to be feeling well enough to enjoy all of the fun things we have been doing. We did a pretty mild hike on Friday afternoon and I was a bit sore afterwards, but by the next morning I felt much better.

We also captured the cutest pic of Leighton loving on the bump. She still doesn’t really understand what’s going on and tries to sit on my “yap” all the time, so this poor baby is already taking a beating from their older sister.

32 Weeks

Guys, I think I have an addiction- to frozen fruit and ice. I just can’t stop. My current favorite is frozen strawberries. I snack on them all day long. I also love frozen grapes, but strawberries are the main contender.

I took a mat Pilates class this week for the first time since the early days of the pregnancy. The instructor’s eyes got really wide when he saw my belly. I’m not sure if he thought I was going to go into labor or injure myself during class. I reassured him I was able to work out still and would modify as needed. It was a really good workout even with all the modifications.

We saw the doctor this week too. We measured the baby on the scan and they went through a little growth spurt, so he or she was right on the 50% line now. Dr. Moore guessed 3.3kg/7lbs 4oz as the birth weight, he was spot on with Leighton (3.5kg/7lbs 8oz) so I will be curious to see if he’s right. I’m guessing this baby is a bit bigger than Leighton was though. Only two more appointments until the big day!

On Friday, Travis and I are heading the rainforest for a babymoon in a secluded resort cabin. Leighton is staying with friends and it’s my first time away from her! I’m so excited for our trip but also sad to be away from her for two nights. It will be good practice for when I’m in the hospital though.

Week 33

We’re back from our babymoon! It was very relaxing and Leighton had a blast staying with our friends, Will and Ameilia. In fact, her only tantrum was when we tried to take her home!

Not only did we get to just hang out on no schedule, drink hot coffees and teas in their entireties, but I also checked off a few more things off my to do list. My grandmother sent us an Amazon gift card and I ordered a second monitor camera, the baby book and some Velcro swaddles (our favorite with Leighton). My mom very generously bought our new stroller this week too, so we are pretty well set up!

I went to Pilates again this week, but my back didn’t seem happy about it that night. So I will be sticking to my normal light cardio and weights the next few weeks. Up until now I’ve been pretty oblivious to my growing tummy, but this week the extra weight is starting to catch up to me. I’m getting tired so easily just walking around, especially in the lovely heat we’ve been having.

My generous husband also shared his cold with me this week. Having a cold when pregnant is the worst because there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. I’ve been sipping lots of green tea with lemon hoping that will help. One of my sweet neighbors also brought me a juice she swears by last night, so hopefully that helps kick it too.

Only one more pregnancy post left until we meet our little boy or girl. Time has flown by!