Weekending around Brisbane

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

We stuck around Brisbane this weekend and enjoyed time just the three of us. We are currently experiencing a pretty hot streak in the weather and so most of our plans revolved around staying cool.

Friday, Leighton and I kicked off the weekend with a trip to our favorite place, K-mart, to cash in some Christmas money she received from my grandparents. FYI K-Mart in Australia is not affiliated with the ones in the US (neither is the Target, weird I know) and the ones here are awesome.

Leighton walked out with a few goodies, including her own coffee machine because she loves to point out “poffee” everywhere she goes and a wooden sushi set because she also loves sushi (mostly because it consists of her favorite, rice). She fell asleep on the way home and when she woke up from her nap she was so excited to see her new goodies all set up. Trav and I spent most of the weekend getting coffees and sushi brought to us.

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Leighton the American

As you all know, Leighton was born in the wonderful country of Australia, BUT since Travis and I are only here on his work visa so she will unfortunately not get to be a citizen. It’s tricky, I know.

So on Tuesday the three of us drove to the airport, boarded a plane for Sydney, took a train to the city and then repeated that nine hours later. All to go to the American Consulate to report her birth (so she can be an American) and apply¬†for a passport and social security card. Sidetone: They do make visits to Brisbane quarterly but they don’t post them anywhere so we could have saved two plane tickets, whoops.

Leighton was great on the plane ride (her third). She especially enjoyed the episode of Big Bang Theory I was watching.

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