Hiking Around Brisbane

I mentioned on my little life update that we have been trying to explore around Brisbane lately. One activity that we have taken up since moving down under is hiking. I am not necessarily an outdoorsy (or athletic) person but I do enjoy looking at pretty views so I put up with the bugs and sweat to do so. Today I am sharing the last two hikes we have gone on, Mount Cougal and Mount Ngungun.

Mount Cougal Bushwalk

A few weeks ago our friends asked if we wanted to join them on a hike in the Gold Coast. They picked us up the following morning and we headed out to the mountains. They had never been on this particular hike but had seen photographs of the view from the top and were convinced they needed to see it for themselves.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch with a view before heading up to the hiking trail.

There was a small cafe on the side of the mountain along with a fruit and veggie stall (with a delicious lentil burger). On this Sunday there was live music as well.


It took us about an hour and a half to get to Springbrook National Park, about that time our friends remembered that they forgot to tell us to wear pants to protect our legs from the tall grass. Whoops. They also informed us that they had been warned it was a fairly difficult hike.


The Mount Cougal bush walk is an adventure in its own right. The only sign is scrawled in sharpie on a piece of cardboard and the only directions are to stay to the side of the barbed wire fence (that separates Queensland and New South Wales apparently). It is very easy to get lost in the tall grass as evidenced by the picture below. Can you spot Travis?


After two hours of wading through the human sized fields and practically scaling the rocky hillside, we reached the top.


The views were gorgeous but I am not sure if I would endure the hike to see them again. I feel like if you are a serious hiking person who enjoys a challenge then this would be a fun one for you to try. If you are a lazy, overly cautious hiker like me then you should probably stick to hikes like the next one I am going to tell you about.


Mount Ngungun Hike

The following weekend, the sun was shining and we were sitting around our dark apartment brainstorming an activity for the day. After the semi success of the previous weekend’s hike we decided to try our hand at the Glass House Mountains, which had been on our list to explore since we moved here. I searched the different hikes online and found one that was less than a two hour round trip, which was perfect because I am impatient but also because we got a late start to the day.


The Glass House Mountains are a group of eleven hills in the Sunshine Coast (just under an hour from Brisbane) that rise abruptly from the ground and look like shards of glass. The peak we climbed was one of the smaller ones, Mount Ngungun.


The hike to the top only took about 45 minutes and was not too difficult minus the loose rocks that you had to be mindful of.


There were also caves along the side of the mountains that were formed by wind erosion (thanks, Wikipedia) but you weren’t supposed to go inside of them.


The view from the top was incredible. You could see all of the countryside below and the peaks of the other mountains in front. The hike was definitely worth it and now we want to go try our hand and one of the taller mountains.



Mountain selfie to end the journey!


So there you have it- two very different hikes, all less than two hours from Brisbane. As they say, different strokes for different folks. These folks (at least one half) prefer the easy route.

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