Biking Through the Vietnamese Countryside

Earlier this week I shared pictures from our time in Hoi An. I briefly mentioned that we spent one afternoon on a bike tour, but today I wanted to share more from that experience.

I had read about Heaven and Earth Bicycle Tours before we left and had it down on our itinerary as a possible activity one day. We weren’t sure it was going to fit into our schedule so we went to go talk to them. They were so wonderful and worked the schedule around our needs. It wasn’t too difficult considering we were the only two signed up (perks of traveling in low season), but we were still very appreciative.

The tour started off in Hoi An where we boarded a boat and took at 45 minute cruise down the river delta. Continue reading


Hoi An: Lanterns, Tailors and Scuba Dives

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Hoi An was another spot that we had little to no plans for. We had done our research and we knew it was known for its tailors and cooking classes. We knew it had quaint lantern-lined streets and nearby coral reefs to dive in. We figured we would just choose from those activities once we got there.


You can’t fly directly into Hoi An so we flew to Da Nang and then took a cab 45 minutes to our hotel in Hoi An. We stayed at Hoi An Riverside Resort which was really nice and quiet. It was in between the old town, where we spent most of our time and the beach. The hotel had a free shuttle so we went straight into town to find dinner and a diving company for Travis to sign up with. Continue reading