Friday Favorites: #alkeksinaustralia edition

Happy Friday! I went back to work this week (for two days but still…) so I am especially excited for the weekend.

Travis left for Malaysia the day after we got back from New Zealand (LOTS more on that later) so it’s been a week of lots of girl time with my MIL and SIL. Here are the Favorites…

1. Wine Tasting on Mount Tamborine

We spent Sunday shopping and eating at one of our nearby attractions (you can read more about Mount Tamborine here). The winter weather was sunny and 70’s so we were relying on the wine to stay warm. 🙂

2. Hiking the Glasshouse Mountains

Monday was a public holiday (the Queen’s birthday which is actually in April- go figure) so we joined the masses who wanted to spend the afternoon outdoors. We did one of the hikes I’ve done before, Mt. Ngungun, and one short (but steeeeep incline) hike to a lookout on a seperate mountain. We definetly felt the burn by the end of it. The most interesting part of the day was on the drive home when there was a barricade in the road by our house and every car was getting breathalyzed. In Australia this is how they control drunk driving (or drink driving as they call it) but I had yet to experience it for myself.

3. Noosa

That beach behind us was all ours 🙂 

After our failure to find a pretty beach in Cairns I wanted to make sure our family experienced a proper beach holiday before they went home to the land of brown beaches. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the coastal town of Noosa Heads (where Trav and I spent Valentine’s Day) this week. We got so lucky with the weather. We originally were going to be there Thursday and Friday but the weather was calling for rain so we made a last minute switcheroo. I’m so glad we did, the town was pretty dead (it is winter after all) but the sun came out and we had not one but two days of having stunning beaches to ourselves.

4. McFarland, USA


Source: IMDB

We rented this movie on ITunes one night this week and it was soooo good. I love any feel good, inspirational movie, especially by Disney. It’s a true story of a high school cross country team in a prodimintaly Hispanic, agricultural town in California. My favorite part was that some of the town’s locals had real roles in the film!

5. This book


Source: Amazon

Obviously I was living under a rock in the summer of 2013 (or planning a wedding) because I remember very little of the events surrounding the kidnapping and escape of three women in Ohio. Random fact: I do remember watching Ariel Castro’s sentencing on the news on our honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Hope is the memoir of two of said women, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. Most of the book is actually taken straight from their diaries and letters they wrote during their 10 and 9 year captivities respectively. Prepare to be astounded and mortified but also encouraged by the strength and determination these women showed. I couldn’t put it down.

Have a fabulous weekend and check out who else is linking up on Andrea and Heather’s blogs.