“Real Life”

My two week vacation to the States is over and I am back home in Brisbane (it still sounds weird to say that).


Not a bad place to call home…

When I was in Texas everyone had questions about what my daily life was like here, whether I got bored, what I did all day, how I got places etc. At the time I really didn’t have answers to their questions. We moved here six weeks ago, Travis started working, my brother came to visit and we moved into our apartment, less than a week after that I left to go back to the States.

Now that I am back I finally feel like I can start “real life” and start getting into the routine of things. So now let me answer those questions…

What do I do all day? During the week I have been going to work out classes at Lorna Jane in the mornings. Lorna Jane is a popular Australian fitness clothing store (think Lululemon), the location closest to my house also has a fitness room attached where they offer classes 5-6 times a day for just $2 a class! The classes are very well run and challenging, plus everyone is really friendly. My afternoons are filled with exciting housewife activities like grocery shopping and doing laundry sometimes I go meet Trav for lunch.

Am I going to work? Yes, this leisurely lifestyle can’t last forever… I am currently applying to substitute teach in the public schools as well as some day care and private pre-schools in the area. Getting my teaching certificate registered by the state here is quite a lengthy process which includes getting a background check from the FBI.  So I am going to enjoy my “summer” for a little while longer while I get all of that in line.

How do we get places? We currently do not have a car and are still debating whether or not we will get one. So, we rely on the wonderful public transportation system.  I am not being sarcastic either-it really is great. Luckily, our apartment is right next to a bus stop which has buses going to and from the Central Business District (otherwise known as the CBD- what they call downtown here) every 5-10 minutes. There is also a river ferry stop right at our door step as well.


Our view from the ferrry Sunday

We bought bikes last week as well. I am still not super confident on the road- apparently cyclists aren’t well loved here, so I’m not sure how much I will be venturing out on my bike without Travis to lead the way. Travis said he will ride his bike to work and I am curious to see if he will…


Taking a test drive by the river…

Lastly, the most common question I received- What do you miss the most? Besides the obvious answer of our amazing friends and family, I miss unsweet tea. I may or may not have a serious addiction to unsweet ICED tea. In Houston I would start my work day with a large $1 McDonalds cup and often have to creep out during lunch to get more. Since that is not a common beverage choice here in Oz, I had to improvise and go old school and make my own.

Ah... Now it feels like home.

Ah… Now it feels like home.

A close second would have to be Chipotle (no surprise to anyone that knows me well) but they have several similar chains here such as Salsa’s, Guzman y Gomez and The Burrito Bar that help to fill the burrito bowl sized hole in my heart. No luck finding queso yet though… Overall it’s not hard to find anything here that you can find in the US.

Well I hope that answers all of the questions I wasn’t able to answer a couple weeks ago! Next time I will be sharing some exciting upcoming travel plans…