An Ode to Melbourne

Oh, Melbourne you captured my heart last October, and upon my return I fell full blown in love with you. We only had a brief 24 hours to soak up your glory before we headed off on our road trip, and you left us pining for more.

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Your graffitied alley ways, giant markets, gorgeous museums, quirky rooftop bars and old fashioned trolleys are only a few of the things that make you so charming. We didn’t have time to make it to your beaches or picturesque wine country on this trip, so looks like we will be back soon.

Until next time, Melbourne.

A Texan in Melbourne

Almost two weeks ago I went down to Melbourne to visit my friend Erin. We went to school together in Katy for a few years before Erin moved back to Australia, where her family is from. In high school we always referred to her as “the Aussie” as having an Australian friend was a novelty. The tables have now turned and I am the novelty, “the Texan”, in a country full of Aussies.

I got to Melbourne Wednesday morning and even though I was warned I didn’t realize how much colder it really is compared to Brisbane. In case you are wondering how the two relate geographically- here’s a map I found on google.

MapAustraliaIt’s technically Spring in Australia right now. In Queensland (the state we live in) temperatures have gotten up into the 90’s already. In Melbourne it was still scarves and boots weather (yes, I classify weather by clothing options). It was fun actually getting to wear my boots that currently just take up space in the guestroom closet.

We spent the day wandering around the business district. I didn’t realize how BIG Melbourne is, the downtown itself had so many side streets, alleys, restaurants, casinos etc. The downtown here is just offices and shopping and could probably fit into Melbourne’s several times.

One of the many little alley ways with cute little shops and restaurants


Watching candy being made…IMG_0740 We stopped for lunch and a glass of wine at Madame Brussels, the most adorable rooftop bar. It’s decked out in all pastels and looks like a 60’s themed garden party complete with the waiters wearing old school tennis outfits.






We ended the day back at Erin’s house eating dinner with her family and looking through a shoebox full of pictures from high school.


Thursday morning we got up early (stupid internal alarm) to workout. Erin told me about this place nearby called the 1,000 steps. It’s 1,000 stony steps built into the side of a hill that serves to give a sense of what Australian soldiers felt climbing Kokoda Trail in Papau New Guinea during World War II.

I figured since I have been working out regularly they should be a breeze. Ha! I have not felt so out of shape in a long time. It was exhausting!




We spent the rest of the day exploring cute, little towns up in the hills. It was really chilly up there! We ended the afternoon with a coffee and a view of the entire city.


That’s all for now- I didn’t want to overload you. I will write about the next two days later this week. Stay tuned 🙂