Houston {Four Months}

We are 1/3 of the way through Houston’s first year! How is that even possible?!

He’s four months and a couple weeks today and I forgot how fun this age is. He’s still such a happy little guy and I love seeing him explore new things everyday.

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Houston {Three Months}

We no longer have a newborn people! Honestly, it’s a bit bittersweet. I’m sad at how quickly he’s grown, but at the same I feel like the fun stages are just beginning.

Houston is turning into the sweetest, happiest little guy and I seriously melt every time he smiles. For the most part he’s pretty content and calm unless he gets overtired or too hungry. As long as you stay on top of those two things, you don’t hear much from him. Continue reading

Houston {One Month}

Things have been a bit quiet over on the blog, but not in our house ☺️. I’m finally getting around to writing Houston’s first monthly update, just a couple weeks late.

I can’t decide if this month has gone by fast or slow. I did accidentally refer to him as my unborn child (like I thought I was still pregnant) the other night, so there’s that.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a bit about one month old Houston Alkek.

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Leighton {18 Months}

Hi friends! I haven’t been doing monthly updates since Leighton turned one, so I figured she was due a post of her own since she’s now a year and a half (how on earth?!).

We had her 18 month appointment yesterday, which she was not a fan of. She’s 24.9lbs/11.3kg (84% for weight) and 81cm/31in (54% for height). She cried more when the dr tried to weigh her than when she got her two shots. Once she got her first lollipop she was all smiles for the nurse. Continue reading

Leighton {Eight Months}

I’m not going to lie this month’s “birthday” really has made me emotional. How is it that my little baby will be one years old in less than four months!? I need time to slow down, but it seems to just move quicker. This month Leighton and I really got into the swing of things back home in Brisbane. Between visitors and traveling the past three months we really weren’t in much of a routine. Now we are on our own little schedule and that makes my planning loving heart quite happy.

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