Saturday at Mount Tamborine

I teased you earlier with some pictures from our hike over Easter weekend but I am here today to tell you more about our day at Mount Tamborine.


Mt. Tamborine is an hour drive from our house and had been on our radar to visit for a while. All we really knew about the place was that is had some Skybridge walk that you could do. Other than that I assumed it was just some hikes and nature stuff.

Well.. you know what happens who you assume things.

Mount Tamborine has much more to offer- restaurants, chocolate shops, boutiques, wineries, hot air balloon rides, parasailing and plenty more activities to choose from.

Our first stop was at a hiking trail, Curtis Falls, that we stumbled upon as we aimlessly drove around.



The path was pretty muddy since it had been raining all weekend, but I shockingly did not slip on any of those wet rocks much to Travis’ disappointment (neither did he, much to my disappointment- why is falling so funny?!).



mttamborinebatsJust some bats hanging out (literally). This reminded me of the time the elementary school I used to teach at was on the news because we had bats inside our school. Nothing like doing car rider duty with Channel 13 helicopters hovering over the school. Good times.


Much like Dora the Explorer, he rarely heads out on an adventure without his trusty backpack.

MtTamborineHike3After we finished the short hike (only 1.4km or 1 mile) we were ready for lunch and where else to eat but a winery?

There were multiple options to choose from but we picked Cedar Creek Winery because it was also the location of the glow worm caves I was set on seeing.

Despite the rain, we sat outside on the covered patio and enjoyed the view of the garden and fountains.MtTamborineCedar


After lunch, I did a wine tasting in my workout clothes and we purchased some souvenirs to accompany our upcoming Easter dinner.

mttamborinewineAfterwards, we went to go check out what the deal was with the glow worms. Unfortunately, all of the tours were booked up until later in the afternoon. I was bummed because for some reason I had really high hopes for this artificial glow worm cave. I have since been told we didn’t miss out on much. I think I was just excited because I was picturing this:

glo worm doll

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I am sure those glow worms weren’t smiling or wearing hats so I guess it’s ok that we sat that one out.

Next we went for a drive and checked out the view from one of the lookouts…


and looked at cute antique furniture that Travis wouldn’t let me buy because apparently we have no room in our tiny apartment (rude).



Then we headed to the highly anticipated Rainforest Skywalk. I think we had pretty high expectations for this event of the day because we thought it would be like the hanging bridge tour we did on our honeymoon in Costa Rica.MtTamborineSkywalk

It was hard to really get a good perspective of how high the skywalk was in pictures but according the world wide web it’s 30 meters off the ground. I was just glad it was metal so Travis couldn’t shake it like he did the hanging bridges.

MtTamborineButterflyTo be honest, we were a little underwhelmed. We saw a lot of the same things we saw on our morning hike but just from higher up. I don’t really think that made it worth the $20 entrance fee we each had to pay. Next time we will stick to the free hikes. You live and learn.MtTamborineFlower

MtTamborineVineAfter the short (1.5km) walk around the Skybridge we headed back home to Brisbane muddy, tired and pretty excited about our new found weekend destination.

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Easter Weekend Staycation

Given that both Friday and Monday of Easter weekend are public holidays, most people take advantage and hop on out of town (no pun intended). We had plans to do the same, but unfortunately “having plans” and actually making plans are two separate things. It worked out though because with all of the traveling and entertaining we had been doing in the past couple of weeks, a quiet weekend at home actually sounded much more appealing.

Good Friday was spent pretty lazily. When we finally got out of the house to look for a place to eat lunch, we realized that EVERYTHING was closed. Being that Australia is not a very religious country we were surprised to see that everything had pretty much shut down for the day and/or long weekend. Even the grocery store was closed. After over an hour of driving around we finally found a spot. The rest of the day we laid around and went to see a movie. Per usual, we were the only people in the theater. I will never understand what the deal is with Australians and the movie theaters. Is this normal or is it just our neighborhood?


But don’t worry I did make Travis take this adorable picture. Making people put their face through a cardboard cutout does not get old for me.

Saturday we decided to take advantage of being in town and explore our neck of the woods. We had been wanting to do this hike in nearby Mt. Tamborine (about an hour away) so we headed out there after breakfast.

hikingWe had absolutely no idea that there was MUCH more to do in Mt. Tamborine than just hike. There were cute little shops, nice restaurants, wineries galore and TONS of different activities. We went hiking, ate lunch and did some wine tasting. I will write more on Mt. Tamborine later and hopefully we will be making a trip back there soon.  tamborine

Easter Sunday we got up extra early to go to church. We ran into one of Trav’s co-workers and his family that are all from my family’s hometown so we had our own little Texas aisle. Afterwards we hit up the farmer’s market to get lunch and some produce for the week. It was funny how everything was closed on Friday but then Easter Sunday it was business as usual. We spent the afternoon laying by the pool and cooking up an Easter feast for the two of us. It was definitely the first year Easter dinner was prepared in board shorts.


Our meal included this Jamie Oliver recipe for slow cooked lamb and mint sauce (delicious!), Trav’s mom’s recipe for cheesy potato squares, caramelized brussels sprouts and bacon, grilled halloumi and the Aussie staple of Hot Cross Buns (bought at the market).


And a bottle of wine from the winery we went to Saturday. Because Easter is about Jesus, and Jesus turned water into wine. It just makes sense.


Our verdict on the hot cross buns… chocolate is the best! So next year we will just be purchasing chocolate because raisins are gross and I am five.

hotcrossbunsMonday was also a holiday (longest weekend ever) so we spent it brunching, binge watching Kimmie Schmidt and going on a impromptu pub crawl on our bikes.


Now back to real life- at least for Travis. I am now on school holidays for two weeks which is kind of a joke because I haven’t even worked two weeks consistently. Hopefully I will use my free time to get caught up on blog posts and Teachers Pay Teachers projects. Hopefully.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend full of kids in cute outfits with bunny ears on their head (my favorite) and lots of chocolate.