Noosa is for Lovers (And Dogs)

Get it? Like those cheesy shirts they sold in the early 2000’s. But in all seriousness, Noosa really was for lovers and their canine friends. Last week I told you about our Valentine’s Day in Noosa here. I know you have been dying to know what we did on the following day, so I won’t keep you waiting.

A lot of this…

NoosaViewAfter our shopping and hiking on Saturday, we wanted to get in some serious relaxation time on the beach before we headed back home. We went back into town and then to where the Noosa River runs into the ocean. The beach wasn’t too crowded but there were quite a few families enjoying their Sunday morning. And dogs, lots and lots of dogs.

Several of the beaches we saw in Noosa were dog friendly but this one took the cake. Some other visitors were getting annoyed with the dogs running around but there are plenty other beaches nearby where dogs aren’t allowed that they could have easily gone to.

Noosa10 Noosa2The water was really shallow and calm on the river part of the beach. Perfect for parents to play in the water with their little ones (and for 31 year old husbands to play in as well).

NoosaBeachThere he goes, swimming to the sand bar. I stayed on land because I didn’t want to get my hair wet (stop judging).

Noosa6After hanging out for a while we decided to walk further down the beach. The water was rougher (and got more rough as the river hit the ocean) but there were less animals and humans running around.

Noosa7We pretty much had the place to ourselves, with the exception of a few other couples. It was the perfect spot to end our weekend getaway.


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Friday Favorites: Celebration Edition

This week was full of celebrations, some small, some big- but all exciting!

Valentine’s Day

I am getting pretty excited for Valentine’s Day. Not because of any grand, romantic gestures I am expecting (we typically keep it pretty low key and gift less around here) but for all of the pink and treats and love everywhere. As I have noticed with most holidays, Australians don’t seem to go as all out as we do but there are still a good selection of cards and goodies at the store. One of my favorite things to do is bake and what better excuse to bake than Valentine’s Day?!

IMG_1423I followed this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and just switched out the chocolate chips for white chocolate. They are delicious! I gave half of them away to my girlfriends so I wouldn’t eat them all in one sitting.


We are leaving this afternoon to head to the coast for the weekend. We have been wanting to go to Noosa since we moved here and see the beach/national park that everyone raves about. Saturday we made a last minute decision to book an Air BnB for the weekend and go celebrate Valentine’s Day on the beach! I’m so excited I started packing on Monday. Even the threat of rainy weather can’t dampen my mood (pun intended).


One of my best Australian friends, Monique, got engaged to her boyfriend of five years last weekend. I saw it on Facebook when Travis and I were at lunch and literally screamed in the restaurant. How perfect (and Australian) is this?

10984717_10152520254382024_429739866_nSince I knew we would be celebrating this week, I busted out my cricut and crafting skills and made her a little engagement package. The Feyonce pun is even more relevant because she dressed up as Beyonce for a costume party recently, so she literally went from Beyonce to Feyonce (side note: I don’t know how to do the little apostrophe over the e). I am so excited for them!

IMG_1418Girls Night 

Last night we had a long overdue girls dinner. With the holidays and everyone traveling we hadn’t all gotten together since November (side note: how is it possible that it’s February already??). We had such a fun night celebrating the engagement, a new job and a birthday. We decided that we need to start planning ahead and making it a monthly occurrence. I am so lucky to have met such great girls, they definitely made the transition over here much easier!



I GOT A HAIRCUT! Yes, this is actually cause for celebration because I hadn’t gotten one in (don’t judge me) ELEVEN MONTHS. Almost a whole year. It wasn’t on purpose, I am just that good at procrastinating. When you have really long hair I feel like haircuts are so anticlimactic so I am really good at just putting them off. Who gets excited to go spend money on a trim? Not me. But that being said, I am so glad I finally broke down and got one. My hair feels so much healthier and I probably lost at least 2 lbs after she thinned it out some.

IMG_1403Probably the only selfie you will get from me is a new haircut selfie (and apparently those only happen once a year). But yay for healthy hair!


IMG_1401Even more exciting than a haircut (I need to get out more) is that I DROVE. I have driven more than ever this week trying to hone my skills. As I talked about here and here, we purchased a car back in October but it was a manual. So I have had to learn how to drive on the left side of the road and a standard. It has been a pretty rocky road so far but I am finally confident enough to go out on my own. I drove almost every day this week and ventured out of the neighborhood for the first time to run errands and drop off my information at a couple schools in the area. I feel like my world has just opened up now that I can drive, there are so many places I can go without relying on public transportation!

Blog Milestone 


I hit a blog milestone this week with my post on our neighborhood! I had the most page views EVER on my little blog. It’s not much but I am still so excited and thankful for all the people that take the time to read and comment. It started out as a place to keep up with friends and family back home but has expanded as I have connected with so many people in the blogger expat community. I love reading and learning about other expats who are experiencing similar things all over the world.

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