Rain, Rain Go Away

Right now in Queensland (the state we live in), category five Cyclone Marcia is making landfall in the northern part of the state. Keep the families up there in your thoughts and prayers as they are preparing for a lot of damage and destruction in their area.

marcia-marcia-marcia[1]Luckily, we are far enough away in Brisbane to where we are just getting the heavy rains and potentially some flooding. According to weather channel there’s 100% chance of rain all the way until Sunday. I stocked up on staples (Ramen noodle cups and deli meat) and we are camped out at home until further notice.

Not so luckily, our lovely wool store apartment with it’s original windows and exposed wood panels is not doing the greatest job keeping the water outside.

IMG_1482Trav’s office is closed so he’s been working from home and taking some breaks to hone his Didgeridoo skills by listening to instructional YouTube videos and practicing (much to my chagrin).


Much to Trav’s chagrin, I will be watching Parenthood and making this face. I just can not handle my emotions when I watch that show. Please don’t spoil how it ends for me, I am only on Season 3.


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We also just started Blacklist this week so that means we will most likely be watching the entire season by the end of the day. Because you know how Netflix goes…


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On the bright side, I got my first job this week! I had my teaching certification recognized in Queensland so that I could substitute teach (or relief teach as they call it). I have been certified and on the list for the past few weeks but had not received a phone call (I blame the fact it is very early into their school year). BUT Wednesday that all changed and at 6:34am I got THE call! Travis was so excited that he posted on Facebook and walked home in the rain just to bring me celebratory FroYo. Because nothing says “I love you” like French Vanilla with candy on top.

IMG_1476Luckily, my first assignment happened to be at the school where my friend, Emily Anne, works so she showed me the ropes. Also, I feel it’s noteworthy that I drove myself to and from work without stalling out once. That, my friends, is a big stinkin deal to me. Everything went well and it felt so nice to be a contributing member of society again. Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope I will continue to receive those early morning phone calls.

I am keeping it short and sweet today, as I am off to binge watch TV and eat my body weight in banana bread. Have a wonderful (and dry) weekend! See you on Tuesday for a recap of our Valentine’s weekend getaway. 🙂