Houston {The Birth Story}

Hi friends! It’s currently 5am on the 18th of May and I’m writing this while cuddling my SON at the hospital. I figure what better time to write out his birth story while it is all fresh.

If you have been reading my bump dates you might remember that towards the end I was really wondering if I was going to make it my scheduled date. The last week and a half of the pregnancy I was getting pretty regular contractions and feeling like the baby had dropped lower and lower. I would time them and at times they were as close as 6 minutes apart, but weren’t increasing in intensity and would eventually stop. Since I never went into labor with Leighton I wasn’t sure what to expect though, so I tried to really keep an eye on them.

My mom got into Brisbane on Monday morning, and Leighton and I were so excited to see her. We spent the next three days running last minute errands, getting flu shots and spoiling Leighton before she became a big sister. All the while I was feeling progressively more uncomfortable.

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Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 34-38}

I can not believe this is my last pregnancy post (possibly ever). As mentioned before, I am having a scheduled cesarean since I had one with Leighton, so I will not be going all the way to 40 weeks. As I write this intro I have only three and half weeks to go (unless he or she comes earlier) and that is just bananas. Time has flown by, and unlike my pregnancy with Leighton, I have not been wishing time away and am genuinely sad to see it all come to an end. On the other hand, I can not wait to meet this little person who will be joining our little threesome.

Week 34

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Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 29-33}

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Besides the pesky cold hanging around our house, we had a nice weekend full of family time. I can’t believe it’s already time to post another one of these updates, it feels like yesterday I was writing the first one. We are officially in the third trimester and time is not slowing down.

Week 29

I can’t believe we are already in the home stretch. We had an appointment with our OB this week. I am on biweekly appointments now, but since it’s my second and a pretty uneventful pregnancy he’s letting me stretch them to three weeks. I remember with Leighton loving getting to go so often and check on her, but with a toddler in tow it’s a lot more of an effort since Trav actually needs to be there to help wrangle (whereas with Leighton it wasn’t a big deal if he didn’t make every appointment).

The past few weeks I have received several comments on my bump being small, and honestly I felt like it had stalled a bit in growth especially since it seemed to pop out so fast at the beginning. I wasn’t genuinely worried, but I still was anxious to see that our little guy or girl was growing on track. We had a scan and everything looked great and all the measurements were growing at the same rate, still measuring just below the 50% line, just like Leighton. My guess is this babe will be very similar in size (around 7.5lbs).

Other than that I have still been soooo tired and consistently taking an afternoon nap when Leighton does. My sleep seems to be getting better at night, probably because I am so exhausted from the day (and heat). I haven’t had any really strong cravings this pregnancy, but this week all I want to do is eat ice. This is especially inconvenient since we don’t have an ice maker (no crushed ice) and I realise that chewing on ice cubes can not be good for my teeth. I can’t help it though it is all I want. I would do anything for a giant cup of Sonic ice right now.

Week 30

I feel like 30 is a big week. I remember I had my baby shower for Leighton at 30 weeks and I felt so pregnant.

This time around I would almost forget I’m pregnant except this Bub is constantly doing flips to remind me they are in there. I’m starting to get really sad thinking about the end of Leighton as an only child era. We have such a great little routine and when I think how that’s all going to change soon I get emotional.

My main symptom is still just the exhaustion. I normally wake up naturally around 6 every morning and get up and moving before Leighton wakes, but twice this week I have stayed in bed past 7 (almost eight one day). I’m still going to the gym three times a week and I love that it still feels so good to work out. Last time I was a lot more uncomfortable at this point.

31 Weeks

My friends threw me a sprinkle to celebrate the baby. It was so fun (more on that here) and I love that so many people already love our little Bub already. Leighton was lots of help going through the gifts the next day.

We also had a four day weekend this week in honor of Easter. We left Friday for two nights in the Granite Belt, for what will most likely our last little trip as a threesome. We had such a perfect weekend and I’m so glad to be feeling well enough to enjoy all of the fun things we have been doing. We did a pretty mild hike on Friday afternoon and I was a bit sore afterwards, but by the next morning I felt much better.

We also captured the cutest pic of Leighton loving on the bump. She still doesn’t really understand what’s going on and tries to sit on my “yap” all the time, so this poor baby is already taking a beating from their older sister.

32 Weeks

Guys, I think I have an addiction- to frozen fruit and ice. I just can’t stop. My current favorite is frozen strawberries. I snack on them all day long. I also love frozen grapes, but strawberries are the main contender.

I took a mat Pilates class this week for the first time since the early days of the pregnancy. The instructor’s eyes got really wide when he saw my belly. I’m not sure if he thought I was going to go into labor or injure myself during class. I reassured him I was able to work out still and would modify as needed. It was a really good workout even with all the modifications.

We saw the doctor this week too. We measured the baby on the scan and they went through a little growth spurt, so he or she was right on the 50% line now. Dr. Moore guessed 3.3kg/7lbs 4oz as the birth weight, he was spot on with Leighton (3.5kg/7lbs 8oz) so I will be curious to see if he’s right. I’m guessing this baby is a bit bigger than Leighton was though. Only two more appointments until the big day!

On Friday, Travis and I are heading the rainforest for a babymoon in a secluded resort cabin. Leighton is staying with friends and it’s my first time away from her! I’m so excited for our trip but also sad to be away from her for two nights. It will be good practice for when I’m in the hospital though.

Week 33

We’re back from our babymoon! It was very relaxing and Leighton had a blast staying with our friends, Will and Ameilia. In fact, her only tantrum was when we tried to take her home!

Not only did we get to just hang out on no schedule, drink hot coffees and teas in their entireties, but I also checked off a few more things off my to do list. My grandmother sent us an Amazon gift card and I ordered a second monitor camera, the baby book and some Velcro swaddles (our favorite with Leighton). My mom very generously bought our new stroller this week too, so we are pretty well set up!

I went to Pilates again this week, but my back didn’t seem happy about it that night. So I will be sticking to my normal light cardio and weights the next few weeks. Up until now I’ve been pretty oblivious to my growing tummy, but this week the extra weight is starting to catch up to me. I’m getting tired so easily just walking around, especially in the lovely heat we’ve been having.

My generous husband also shared his cold with me this week. Having a cold when pregnant is the worst because there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. I’ve been sipping lots of green tea with lemon hoping that will help. One of my sweet neighbors also brought me a juice she swears by last night, so hopefully that helps kick it too.

Only one more pregnancy post left until we meet our little boy or girl. Time has flown by!

Baby Sprinkle for Number 2

Over the weekend, my very sweet friends threw a “sprinkle” for our second bub on the way. If you aren’t familiar with the term, a “sprinkle” is like a baby shower for a second (or third, fourth…) child that focuses more on celebrating the baby and less on “showering” the parents to be with gifts (hence sprinkle).

Since we had Leighton less than two years ago, we are still pretty set up in the baby goods department, so on the invitation my friend Lauren just asked people to bring a staple like wipes or diapers, and a book.

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Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 25-28}

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far. I am officially in the third trimester now! It’s crazy to think I will only have a couple of these updates left before we meet our baby (and life gets even more crazy). Without further ado, here is the past month of pregnancy updates…

Week 25

Valentine’s edition of the bump pic this week. When I was pregnant with Leighton, I made sure to take these pics on the same day of the week and at the same time of the day in order for most accurate comparison. Baby number two and it’s a mirror selfie on whatever day/time I remember. Everything is still going pretty swimmingly. I am noticing calf cramps in the mornings, but nothing that is causing me to jump out of bed yet. Working out still feels really good and I’m so happy to be in a good routine right now. Continue reading

Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 21-24}

Hi friends! We are officially in real time now with the bump dates, so if you are sick of reading them you won’t be seeing one for another month. For those of you that enjoy following a long, here is the past month of pregnancy musings.

Week 21

Well I was definitely too smug in my last bump date bragging about how comfortable I was… On the day I hit 21 weeks I drove a few hours to visit a friend and once I got there my belly was so tight. I thought it was because I didn’t drink very much water on the drive (hello toddlers and bathroom breaks, no thanks), but even after chugging water all day the feeling didn’t stop. I felt like my stomach was trying to stretch and there just wasn’t room.

My friend I was staying with suggested it could be growing pains since I am at the halfway point. Either way it was very uncomfortable (but not painful enough to be worrisome) and I got zero sleep that night because I was tossing and turning. Luckily I was feeling better the next day and the following I was back to normal. It definitely was a reminder of how awkward and uncomfortable those later weeks of pregnancy are though.

I am glad I started feeling better because I had a prenatal massage later that week and I wanted to be able to fully enjoy it. I also flew back to Brisbane from Texas and I can’t imagine feeling that way still all cramped up on the plane (with a 24lb toddler on top of me). The flight went as well as it could have (minus Leighton getting sick) and I was able to drink enough water and walk around so I wasn’t swollen like the flight over.

Week 22

This has been a big week for baby number 2! We had our big anatomy scan on Tuesday and they said everything looked great. They also pointed out that he/she was growing quite nicely on the larger side of average, which I could have guessed based on my tummy this time around. They also pointed out that my placenta is well out of the way and that explains why I feel he/she move all the time.

Placenta position aside I still feel like this baby is a lot more active than Leighton was and sure enough the technician and doctor mentioned how they would not stay still the whole time we were watching. I’m not going to lie ultrasounds (especially the 3D ones) always kind of weird me out because the babies still look like aliens, but it is still fun to see the little human I have been feeling wiggle around so much. I am pretty sure they have the same button nose as Leighton does (and we saw in her 3D scan when she was 19 weeks).

We also saw my regular OB on Wednesday and scheduled the baby’s birth. Since I am having a scheduled c-section it is just a matter of putting it on a calendar. Obviously, the baby could come anytime before then but it’s nice to have a date in mind especially with family flying in.

Week 23

Well not too much to write about this week! This kid is still moving like crazy and I was able to capture one big roll on video.

I still have no guess as to whether we are having a boy or girl (Trav thinks boy). I’ve organized the nursery (aka empty room) closet a bit and am starting to think about what we need to get before May comes, mainly a double stroller and double monitor (thinking this one and this one, if anyone has any thoughts). We’re also coming up with a list of things (like trips) we want to do before life gets a bit more hectic with two babies.

This week marked my return to the gym after almost two months. Leighton was not too pleased to be left at the nursery but they said she perked up after some cuddles. It always takes her a bit when we haven’t been in a while. I wrote about the pregnancy workout I did here. It felt really good to lift weights and get back into the gym. I did have a bit of sciatic pain that tends to happen when I walk to much, so I will probably be keeping my cardio limited and focusing on weight training.

Week 24

Made it to the gym three times this week which feels like a major win. I always feel so much better and stronger when I am in a good routine. I am still feeling really good, only noticing now that I have to pee a lot more often but mostly just when we are out and I am doing a lot of walking. I will get up maybe once in the night to go to the bathroom, but not every night.

My sweet friend, Lauren, is organizing a sprinkle to celebrate baby #2 in March. You have to check out how adorable the poem she wrote on the invite is. I was impressed with her rhymes!

Lauren is seriously the sweetest (and she’s a former blogger, so I know she is reading this- hi Lauren!). She helped do so much for my baby shower for Leighton and she wasn’t even in the country for the event. After Leighton was born she organized a meal train between our friends which was so helpful. Her son was born just a couple day after Leighton’s birthday last year and she came up to her party in the park on her due date. Such a trooper!

At first I thought it seemed way too early for the sprinkle but then I realized that is only six weeks before baby time. Time has flown by. I feel like I haven’t done much of anything to prepare, but it’s hard when you don’t know the gender. I don’t want to buy too much now. I did make one purchase this week actually, a bigger backpack diaper bag.

I bought this one that if you are a mom you have probably seen a million times on your Facebook ads. I was skeptical at first,  because of the price and I had seen several different replicas all from China.

When I was home a friend and mom of 2 (almost 3) was raving about it and since then I have heard other positive reviews. I loved my Babymel diaper bag I used with Leighton, but once she started walking running having a backpack became so much easier. I have a small leather one I use for short trips but on days I am packing around her lunch, spare clothes, diapers, water bottles etc. I need something bigger, and once baby is here I will for sure need more space. We will see how it goes when it comes in today!

That’s all my ramblings on pregnancy this month. Hopefully I am not boring you too much, but I love having these posts to look back on. Have a great weekend!






Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 17-20}

Hi friends! It’s the last post of pregnancy updates and then I am all caught up to real time. Looking back at the bump pictures already feels like so long ago (especially since I took them in three different cities). I can’t believe how quickly time is flying this time around!

Week 17

We toured Texas this week! Houston to Victoria, back to Houston, then Breckenridge to Midland and back to Victoria again. I am worn out! It’s been so fun getting to surprise everyone with our fun news. Some people suspected it, some people just thought I was still working on my baby weight from Leighton and some were just plain shocked!

I’m starting to feel the baby more, especially at night when I’m laying still. Travis still can’t feel any kicks from the outside, but I’m sure it won’t be long. Belly is popping and I bought another pair of jeans and some shorts since regular clothes are not happening. Heart burn has made its appearance and luckily I learned last time that a glass of milk is the best way for me to get rid of it. We bought Leighton some new clothes when we went shopping in Abilene and threw in a few adorable gender neutral outfits for baby too.

Week 18

Sunday was baby’s first Christmas (kind of) and it was crazy looking at the stockings on the mantle and wondering who the little person that will be joining us next year will be. Leighton crashed my bump picture this week. I wish you could see the live version because she made the funniest face when she accidently knocked the picture on the wall.

The baby is moving more and more and Trav can feel the stronger kicks from the outside. This part of being pregnant is so fun! It’s less fun trying to find clothes that fit right, especially pants.

Week 19

Happy New Year! We are having a baby this year, how nuts. 2018 still seems so far in the future. It was the second new years in the past three years I had to sip on water the whole night. Luckily we went to a low key bar, so it wasn’t too bad.

This week I started feeling sick to my stomach a bit more, especially in the car. I am feeling the baby move more and more, especially in the evening. At a lunch with friends I obtained a fetal monitor (it was meant for another friend but she already had one). I had never wanted one because I knew I would stress myself out if I ever couldn’t find the heartbeat, but no one else needed it. Well, go figure after two days of messing with it I still couldn’t hear the heartbeat. Even though I was feeling the baby move, it still left me feeling unsettled.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to see or hear the baby until I got back to Brisbane in three weeks, I looked online for ultrasound clinics. I found a place that just does the 3D and gender reveal ultrasounds (literally called Affordable Ultrasounds) where I could get a quick peak at the baby for only $60. So off we went and sure enough the baby was in there kicking around and we listened to the heartbeat multiple times.

Even though I knew I was most likely overreacting, it was worth the piece of mind for the next few weeks. Also, 19 week old babies still look super creepy in the 3D ultrasounds. I am hoping he/she looks a little more human by the time we have the anatomy scan at 22 weeks.

Week 20

Half way there (or most likely less than that)! I can’t believe we will meeting our little nugget is less than four months. I am starting to lean more toward thinking it’s another girl, but I think it’s just because I feel like everyone is having baby girls this year. I’m still feeling really great and even forget I’m pregnant. Looking back on my Bumpdates from Leighton, I seem to be more comfortable at this point than I was with her. That also could be because I’m so busy with her I don’t notice my ailments as much. I did brake down and replace my bras with wireless bralettes because the bands were getting so tight. Hopefully the second half of the pregnancy goes as smoothly as the first! I don’t want to wish the time away because I don’t want Leighton to get older (and two under two is scary).

That’s all for now! The next update will be in a few weeks.



Surprise, Baby A 2.0!

I hope everyone had a very merry holidays with their loved ones. As you might have seen on my social media posts over the weekend, we are expecting our second little Aussie baby in May.

We are so excited to finally share the news publicly and as always, are so appreciative of all the love and support we have received so far.

I already have several pregnancy update posts drafted, but I thought I would quickly answer a few frequently asked questions first.

How far along are you?

I am 18 weeks pregnant (as of Sunday). We are due May 27th. We waited a little longer this time around to post anything because we wanted to tell our friends and family back in Texas in person while we are home for the holidays. It was hard keeping the secret for so long, but so worth getting to celebrate the good news with everyone in person.

How did you tell Travis?

I took a test on a whim one morning. I was late and although my cycle wasn’t quite back to regular, I just felt a bit off. I honestly didn’t think it would be positive so I took the test (that I already had) at 8am one morning right before a repair man was due to show up. I was quite shocked and knew Trav would be even more so. Since the last time I didn’t get to tell him in a cute way, I wanted to do something. Also, I couldn’t just call him up at work and tell him such big news. I immediately called my bff back home (who had just made the same call to me a month prior) and one of my Brisbane bffs. I decided to get a big sister book for Leighton to give him that night.

Ideally I would have loved for her to hand it to him that evening since he always reads to her before bed, but I knew there was no way I could play it cool that long (like an hour). Well he got home later than usual, so Leighton wasn’t in a very cooperative mood. So, I ended up just awkwardly handing him the book with the test inside (while trying to discreetly video his reaction). I am doing the most uncomfortable, nervous laugh the whole time. It’s on video, but no one needs to see it. Needless to say, he was pretty shocked and I finally successfully surprised him for the first time in our over 6 and a half year relationship.

Do you know the gender?

We do not. With Leighton we didn’t find out until her anatomy scan at 19 weeks. This time around though, we are opting to not find out! Travis wanted to be surprised with Leighton too, but I just couldn’t do it with my first child. This time around I am feeling much more relaxed about waiting until the birth. We have a boy name picked out but not one for a girl, and just like with Leighton, we won’t be announcing it until the birth.

Does Leighton know what’s going on?

She will point to the baby in my tummy and loves to give it kisses (sometimes licks), but she does the same for Trav’s tummy and hers. So apparently she thinks everyone has a baby in their belly! She loves taking care of her baby dolls and stuffed animals, so I know she will be a great big sister.

What will their age gap be?

Leighton and the new baby will be 21 months apart. We are a bit nervous for those early months with two under two, but I think it will be so fun for them to grow up close in age.

Will this baby be born in Australia too?

I love, love, loved my birth experience here with Leighton (read about that here), so I will 100% be choosing the same path this time around. I have already been seeing my same OB from my first pregnancy and I feel very comfortable with him taking care of us again.

Will he or she be an Aussie citizen?

People are always surprised to find out that Leighton is not an Australian citizen even though she was born here. In order for a baby to obtain citizenship at birth, the parents must have permanent residency or citizenship themselves. Since we are only on a work visa at the moment, Leighton is just an American citizen born abroad. We have applied for our permanent residency and if it is approved before May, we will have one Aussie in the family!

Will you have help in Brisbane after the baby is born?

Oh yes! There is no way we could do without our family coming down. My parents will be here for a month around the birth and then more family will follow. Living far away from family in times like this is hard, but luckily we are fortunate that they are able to come to us. I also have a wonderful network of friends here that I know will be a great help too.

I think those are all the questions I have been getting lately! But if you have any more feel free to ask in the comments. I will be posting a first trimester update next week and then monthly updates after that.