RiverRun and a 30 Before 30 Update

Hi friends! This weekend I got to finally tick something off my 30 Before 30 list for the first time in a while. I ran a 10k without stopping!

I realize that this may not sound like a big accomplishment to some of you but I have always had a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with running and this was something I have wanted to do ever since the Bridge to Brisbane. Last year Travis signed us up for the race last minute (we took another couple’s spot that had to back out) and I could barely run 2 miles without dying. I tried my best but obviously I was not about to be able to run 6.2 (the .2 counts people) without taking some breaks.

IMG_2815Fast forward one year later and I have been trying to improve my running stamina by gradually working up to a 5k then 10 (with the help of the Couch to 5k/10k app of course). We were hoping to do the Bridge to Brisbane again this year but unfortunately it is happening while we are on our trip, so I signed us up for the River Run.

The River Run is actually a 100k race that people do on their own or in teams, but you can also sign up for 10, 20 and 50 k races as well. Clearly we signed up for the 10.

I spent Saturday eating my body weight in food because obviously that was a good idea. But seriously how amazing do these corn cakes look?! They had guac and chipotle sauce.


And how can you say no to a homemade cupcake bar?


After waking up from a serious food coma, we took an Uber into Brisbane’s South Bank early (but not too early luckily) on Sunday morning ready to run.


The race was a pretty small ordeal so we had some time to kill and walk around by the river. There were people who were doing the 100k that had been running since midnight. That is just crazy to me. Imagine running the same straight course ten times starting in the middle of the night? No thanks. There were also people who were doing it in teams relay style and were camped out cheering each other on.

At 8am on the dot we took off running across the Goodwill Bridge and along the other side of the river. The course wasn’t blocked off so you had to dodge walkers and watch out for cyclists zooming by. At one point I looked around and realized no one I could see had a bib on. I had a minor panic attack thinking I had somehow missed a turn or was in last place, luckily neither were true.

In the end Travis and I both finished with our best times yet, 47 and 55 minutes respectively. They were much better than our times last year so we were pretty proud of ourselves.


We weren’t quite ready for breakfast just yet so we decided to go check out the dragon boat races the university was putting on just down the river. They had several stages and stalls set up but one in particular caught my eye…


We had to do it. Mostly because I had just seen them do it on the Bachelor Australia the week before.


We paid $5 for 5 minutes of play time but I feel like they weren’t too strict on the time limit. It was SO fun! It was also SO hot and hard to get up once you fell on your back. I was literally stuck for so long at one point the lady running the booth had to come over and show me how to get up (you roll over onto your knees FYI). I wish we could have gotten some action shots but we didn’t have anyone to take them.

IMG_2822Afterwards we walked into one of our favorite parts of town, West End, where we gorged ourselves on overpriced brunch surrounded by people much hipper than us. Overall, a pretty solid Sunday.

30 Before 30 Updates

I realized as I checked it off my 30 Before 30 list that there were several other items I could check off as well, so I figured I would provide a short update with what else I have been accomplishing…

16. Learn how to curl my hair {thanks to my recent anniversary gift I think I have finally got this down}

19. Write 100 blog posts {reached this milestone with the July Recipe Recap post (pretty anti-climatic)}

23. Keep a living thing alive for over a month (plant, animal, whatever){I am counting our succulent, we don’t have enough sunlight for much else}

25. Find a church in Brisbane and become involved {We have been going to a Uniting (similar to Methodist) church since February and have really enjoyed becoming a part of their church family}

29. Blog at least twice a week consistently {I probably shouldn’t mention this one since I am about to go on vacation and who knows how consistent I will be BUT for the most part since October of last year I have posted every Tuesday and Friday}

We head for Thailand (Bangkok actually which is causing some uneasy nerves on my part due to today’s events) on Thursday and then on to Vietnam nine days later so hopefully when we return there will be at least a couple items I can check off. Either way I am officially over half way through with a year and a half to go. Woohoo!

Bridge to Brisbane


I think Travis’ sole mission in life is to push me out of my comfort zone. One would think that spending their childhood in and out of nine countries and five continents would make someone quite adventurous- not in my case. I am a big scardy cat. I don’t ride roller coasters (I was the only Houstonian not upset by the closure of Astroworld), I hold my nose when I jump in a pool and I tend to only venture out about ten feet into the ocean for fear I will get washed away or eaten alive. I mean I wouldn’t even try Crossfit because I was too scared. I know my limits and I try to stay nice and safely within them.

Oh and I’m pretty stubborn about these things. Knowing those facts you may be able to understand why Travis is constantly trying to get me to do new things. On his current list is scuba diving and shark diving.

Fast forward to last Friday when Travis texted me to tell me he signed us up to run a 10k the following Sunday. Apparently the three miles I have been struggling to run with him the last two weeks was indication enough that I was prepared to run twice as many. Cue anxiety attack.

Every time Travis is trying to convince me to do something he brings up the Tarzan Swing. The Tarzan Swing was an optional activity on our zip line trip on our honeymoon. You had to jump off of a platform hundreds of feet above the ground to free swing over the rainforest- Tarzan style. Yes, you are securely fastened to a harness and yes, an eighty year old grandma in our group was able to do it- but I refused. After peer pressure and a guilt trip from Travis  I gave in. It was terrifying and awful. See Exhibit A:


Does that look like someone enjoying themselves? No. Therefore the Tarzan Swing is not a valid argument for anything.

BUT knowing that we were in the “Walkers” starting group made me feel much better about this venture. I knew if I got tired none of those grandmas and ladies with strollers could judge me. I set a goal for myself to run as much as I possibly could and finish in under an hour and ten minutes. I realize that is not an impressive time to anyone but give me a break I’m pretty dang slow and that’s the farthest I’ve run in five years.

Here I am about to start. So sleepy (we got up at 5am) and cold.

IMG_0409I stopped to get water and saw our apartment across the river! It’s the brick building in the distance.


We made it! This was literally 1 min after I finished running (Travis is an actual runner so he had to wait for me at the finish line). Don’t judge my super red, tired face.


Just a tin man shooting out bubbles at the end of the race.


And a miniature pony…


According to my Nike Running App I finished in one hour and seven minutes, which is better than I thought I would do. I also beat my previous fastest mile record so I gave myself a pat on the back for that. Travis finished in 56 minutes. If we didn’t get stuck behind a wall of walkers at the beginning we probably would have done even better, at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves.

We celebrated with brunch and walking another two miles back home.

I am glad I ventured out of my comfort zone, it was challenging but I would definitely do it all over again!