Friday Favorites: Inspiration Edition 

Another week has came and gone. This week was especially slow with Travis being in New Zealand for work and me not getting called to sub until today. BUT I’ve been feeling all kinds of inspired lately and wanted to share some of that with you!

Tone It Up Workout Plans

One of my favorite expat bloggers, Jamie, also has a fitness blog and she posted the other week about the TIU weekly workout plans. I’ve done their you tube videos and watched their reality show but I had never realized they posted free weekly plans on their website. I’ve been in a gym routine funk and wanted to change things up. Their plans are great- they mix up yoga, cardio and strength training and lay out what to do each day along with videos and printouts. They post a new plan every Sunday (which isn’t until Monday afternoon here) so I’ve just finished last weeks plan and it kicked my butt! If you’re looking for some new fitness inspiration you should check them out.

Influence Podcast 

I read about this podcast on another blog a few weeks ago and it caught my attention. I’m not good at summarizing so here’s their description: “The Influence Network is the online community of women dedicated to making their online lives mean something. This podcast features interviews and encouragement designed to inspire and resource women to use the Internet for good, for God’s glory. New episodes air weekly and topics include writing, blogging, justice, spiritual growth and creative business.” One of the workouts I had to do this week was a 30 minute run and I just listened to one of their interviews the whole time and it flew by. It’s always interesting to hear different women’s perspectives and how they are using their craft positively.

Mason Jar Salads 

On top of my new workout plan I’ve also wanted to really crack down on my eating habits. I am good at eating healthy at breakfast and dinner but lunch is where I struggle. Since most days I’m not working it’s so easy to run out and meet Trav for lunch or pick something up. So I wanted to start preparing healthy lunches to eat at home and for days that I am working would be easy for me to grab in the morning. That’s when I turned to Pinterest for inspiration (but seriously what did we eat before Pinterest?!) and found mason jar salads. I made this one on Monday for the week (the recipe fills 5 jars), four out of the five days I ate them at home but today I brought one to school. They are sooooo delicious (mango, avocado, black beans- how can you go wrong) and so easy. As advertised none of the veggies get soggy because the dressing is at the bottom and the quinoa and beans act as a barrier. You just have to shake the jar and dump it on your plate. Now I’m on a mission to find all sorts of Mason Jar salad recipes- let me know if you have any I need to try!

She Reads Truth – Lent Series

I’ve talked about this app before but I will say it again- it’s amazing. They are short daily bible studies right at your fingertips. I’m currently going through the “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross” plan which is focused on the Lent season. As someone who has never really observed lent before, this has really enlightened me and shown me what it is truly about (spoiler alert: it’s not just giving something up).

Vacation Inspiration


Source: Young Adventuress


I have been working all week on finalizing our plans for our trip to New Zealand. Travis’ mom and sister are coming to visit in May and we are going with them to the South Island for six days and five nights. That sounds like plenty of time but we are cramming A LOT in. It will be winter then and I’m getting so excited just looking at these gorgeous snow capped mountains on Young Adventuress’ blog. I’m going to need April to hurry up and get itself over with. March can stick around because I need to turn another year older and my sister is coming in less than two weeks!!!! But really- any Queenstown area travel tips are welcome especially accomodations and rental car info.

Have a fabulous weekend! As usual linking up for Friday Favorites…