Sights of Singapore {Part 2}

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Happy Travel Tuesday! Don’t forget to link up at the bottom of the post. If you missed Part 1 of my Singapore recap you can check it out here. Singaporean Cooking Class  Today I am starting out with my solo day in Singapore. Since Travis had to work I scheduled myself a cooking class at a place called Food Playground based on their excellent Trip Advisor reviews. First thing Tuesday morning I hoped on the train with the rest of the Singapore work crowd. The train was pretty packed but luckily I made it to my stop in Chinatown with time to spare. As I waited to be let in to the building I chatted with another class goer and it turned out she was an Aussie, visiting from Sydney and doing research for her gluten free cooking magazine. Once we went inside we were tickled to find that the two other participants were also coming from Australia (this time from Perth). We all became fast friends and chatted as our instructor got everything ready to go. Our instructor Lesley was so fun and energetic, she made the class fly by.

Food Playground is different than most cooking schools in that they hire active seniors and stay at home moms to be a part of their team. Each new instructor brings in their own tried and true recipe to add to the roster and we were lucky enough that Lesley was instructing us on her own family recipe of Chicken and Rice. Each step of the process was very detailed and Lesley provided us with plenty of information on not only what we were doing but background information on Singapore’s unique culture. The other menu item was wonton soup, so we made each of our wontons individually. It was a tedious process, I had no idea all of that work went into preparing the broth for hours and cooking each of the ingredients to roll into the wonton wrappers. I would say my finished product was not only visually appealing, but delicious as well. I had absolutely no problem clearing my plate, and would recommend a Food Playground class to anyone visiting Singapore. Haji Lane and the Muslim Quarter  After my cooking class, I made a quick pit stop to get some acupuncture and a massage for my sore legs before heading off to explore some more. My first stop was Haji Lane, a hip shopping stretch in the Muslin quarter of Singapore. Between the adorable boutiques and colorful street art, I could not stop snapping pictures. DSC_0235

DSC_0183 After doing plenty of window shopping and sipping on an iced latte, I ventured further around the neighborhood. There were rows of colorful buildings, fabric shops and restaurants surrounding the Mosque. Travis and I returned to the area later that evening for a delicious Turkish dinner. DSC_0202

Joo Chiat Next on my solo adventure was the historic Joo Chiat neighborhood where I checked out some adorable homes and crashed multiple photo shoots in the street.


Henderson Waves Our last morning we decided to start the day with a scenic walk along the Southern Ridges trail. We were especially keen to check out Henderson Waves- the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. The bridge itself is in the shape of a wave and is lit up in the evenings with LED lights. Since we were there in the morning we just enjoyed the views of Singapore’s lush green foliage from high above the ground. DSC_0278

Little India  The last morning before we flew out, I had to check one more cultural area off my checklist- Little India. After seeing picture after picture of the colorful neighborhood, I was dying to see it for myself. By this time the smog was pretty bad (which is evident in some of the pictures) but we still enjoyed wandering the area. DSC_0284

Before our trip, the only things I really knew about Singapore were that it was really clean, really nice and really expensive. While all of those are true, Singapore had much, much more than that to offer and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of culture, color and green spaces we were able to experience while we were there. Now to just figure out a way to get transferred there next…

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Sights of Singapore {Part 1}

Happy Travel Tuesday! Don’t forget to link up your travel/expat posts at the bottom.

Not even two weeks after we returned from Thailand and Vietnam, Travis was told he needed to go to Singapore for work.  Schools in Brisbane were on holiday, so there was no possibility of me getting to work those days, so Travis sneakily booked a flight for me to tag along after convincing me it wasn’t going to happen. I was pretty excited to check off another Southeast Asian country even if it meant having to explore the majority of it solo.

It was a brief trip, but I still got to cover quite a bit of the small island/city/country. Here’s a little of what we saw…

Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay


Pretty much the number one attraction when you google “What to do in Singapore”  this sight did not disappoint. The 205 acre green space includes multiple indoor gardens, kids areas and my favorite the grove with 25-50 meter tall “supertrees” that are actual gardens with over 200 species of plants growing on them. At night they are lit up to provide a feast for the eyes. As we walked around our first night I kept saying that I felt like I was in another world. Continue reading