Friday Favorites 10/31

It’s that time of the week again…

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Australia Kangaroos Rugby Game


Last Saturday I attended my first professional Rugby game. We went to the 4 Nations Tournament and saw Samoa vs. England and New Zealand vs. Australia. It was so much fun and the best part was each game is only an hour and a half!  I’m going to write a post more on the game later, maybe I can even get Travis to chime in.

Spring Flare


I already posted about Spring Flare here but it was definitely my favorite part of the week so I had to include it!

New Car 

We got a car this week! For the past four months we have been relying solely on public transportation, our own two feet, bikes or random Uber drivers to get us around town. We finally gave in and decided to buy a car a couple weeks ago and went looking. We found a really good deal at Nissan for a new Almera (small sedan) that we couldn’t pass up. Only catch is it’s not automatic, which is not uncommon here. SO not only will I be learning to drive on the other side of the road but also to drive stick… Considering I was not the best driver in America (I once ran Trav’s truck into a toll booth) this is striking a lot of fear in Travis. So until I can schedule some legit driving lessons that car is staying put in the parking garage.

50 Miles


So after the Bridge to Brisbane race Travis signed me up for without my knowledge he wanted me to stay motivated to keep running with him in the mornings. As I mentioned in that post, I am not a runner. But I do like workout clothes. So we set a goal that when I ran 50 miles I could go buy a new pair of Lulu pants. Well this took way longer than I would like to admit but I DID IT. I finished this morning and promptly headed to the mall to purchase my reward. I wish I had thought of this motivation system earlier.

Farewell Brekky


FYI Brekky is what they call breakfast in Australia if you didn’t gather that from context clues. We started a new tradition (and by tradition I mean we have done it twice now) when one of us goes out of town for a good while we go on a breakfast date before they leave. Travis left for Denver for a week for work so I bid him farewell over eggs Benedict and a latte. Anything to ease the pain of saying goodbye. But really- I’m already ready for him to come home.

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Spring Flare

Sunday we got to celebrate Spring in a very special way. By throwing powdered paint at random strangers.

IMG_0904  IMG_0917_2  Let me explain. With the upcoming G20 Summit in Brisbane, the city is putting on all sorts of cultural events. Spring Flare was inspired by the Indian festival called Holi which celebrates the human spirit. I’m not really sure what that means but I do know that when I was a little girl living in India we participated in the festival.

We didn’t really know what to expect from Spring Flare except that there was live music, food stalls and you could buy pouches of paint to throw. And it was free. We always like free.

So we met up with our friends at a bar along the river for some beverages and then we headed toward the botanical gardens where the event was held at the Riverstage.


we saw this little guy on the walk over

There was no line to get in and $20 got us six different colors of paint. People everywhere were covered in paint and dancing to the different bands and DJs that were one stage.


Every hour on the hour they would have a color countdown and then everyone would throw their colors all at once. It looked like a giant smoke cloud of color.


It reminded me of a concert at ACL or Summerfest in Houston (except I had no idea who the people on stage were) but with people throwing color everywhere. Here’s some more pictures from our Sunday Funday.


Trav pouring paint on me mid-picture…

IMG_0913IMG_0925 IMG_0926 IMG_0910_2IMG_0912 IMG_0911_2

We had so much fun but after a couple of hours we were ready to head home on the ferry (where they wouldn’t let us sit down) and clean off.