Babymooning at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was filled with lots of relaxing and family time, which was just what we wanted.

I am finally getting around to writing about our babymoon that we took a couple weeks ago. We didn’t really take an official “baby moon” before we had Leighton, but I feel like the previous year was one big one since we did plenty of traveling and spending time just the two of us. I feel like the second time around taking time to go somewhere just us two was much more important.

Since Leighton was born I have only been away from her one night and that was after a wedding when she was 4 months old, and my parents brought her back to me first thing in the morning. That wasn’t really intentional and I would have totally thought I would have taken some sort of trip at this point, but when you live on the other side of the world from all of your family the opportunities are pretty slim.

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Perling Falls {Springbrook National Park}

I mentioned here that we had taken a day trip to Springbrook National Park while we were entertaining family, but I wanted to share more about our day.

Travis and I had visited Springbrook and done the Perling Falls hike back when I was quite pregnant. As pretty as it was, the falls were a mere trickle while we were there. Since it was the same time of year I was worried that we would have the same fate.

So, I did what any other millennial traveler would do and I searched the Instagram hashtag and geo tag for recent photos hoping to see any pics from the past few days. Every picture I saw (and I was careful to read captions to make sure they weren’t throwback pics) looked like the falls were flowing nicely, so we took off first thing that morning.

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Our Day at Springbrook National Park

We’re really spoiled living in Brisbane with the abundance of gorgeous national parks within a short drive. One such park we have known about for a while but hadn’t made it to was Springbrook. Last Saturday morning at breakfast we were deciding what to do with our day and decided it was finally time to cross it off our list.

We packed up lunch (and some snacks for a certain pregnant person that gets hangry easily) and hit the road.
It was just over an hour and a half before we got to the Natural Bridge section of the park. Parking was super easy and it was a short walk down to the natural bridge. Continue reading