Houston’s First Beach Trip

Hi friends! I haven’t been the best at keeping up with blogging lately, but I thought I would share some pictures from Houston’s first beach trip. I feel like it’s an Aussie right of passage.

We didn’t plan on going to the beach until we woke up Saturday and realized we had no plans. Trav consulted google maps and decided on Maroochydore, mostly because it was a beach we hadn’t been to before. We started loading up the car and realized we forgot to get our beach tent back from our friends who borrowed it. We had already committed though, so we stuck with the plan.

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A Morning in Maleny

Hi friends! As you might have seen on Facebook or Instagram, our little fam took a day trip on Sunday to the Sunshine Coast. Monday was Labour Day here, so it was really a bonus weekend day. Travis told me not to plan anything and that he had an adventure for us.

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8 Brisbane Day Trips

Hi friends! Today I thought I would share our favorite day trips from Brisbane. We are so lucky to live in such a spectacular area with so many diverse, beautiful places to spend our weekends exploring.

These are all trips that can be easily managed in one day. I plan on doing a separate post covering our favorite weekend getaways from here. I have also linked any blog posts I have written if you want anymore photos or information.

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Australia Zoo and Caloundra Beach

While our friends were visiting earlier this month we decided to take a day trip to see the world famous Australia Zoo. The zoo was originally opened by Steve Irwin’s parents and then became famous with the success of the TV show “The Crocodile Hunter.” Even though we have lived here for almost three years we still hadn’t made it to the zoo.

Australia Zoo is only an hour away from Brisbane, so we left first thing in the morning to beat the crowds (and coordinate the drive with Leighton’s nap time). That worked out well because when we got there the parking lot was pretty bare, but by the time we left it was pretty crowded (and this was on a Wednesday).

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