Sydney: Night at the Opera House

Happy Friday ūüôā As you are reading this we (hopefully) will be bundled up in my parent’s house in London. I can’t wait! But for now, let’s get back to Sydney…

As I mentioned in my previous¬†Sydney¬†post, as we were laying on the beach Friday afternoon we decided to buy tickets for a play at the Opera House. We hadn’t heard of anything that was playing but we figured it would be fun just to go.

We bought tickets to Switzerland, a suspenseful physcological thriller inspired by the author (and Texan) of The Incredible Mr. Ripley, Patricia Highsmith. I figured suspense = me staying awake.

After our post beach nap we really didn’t have much time for dinner so we decided to just go to a restaurant by the Opera House. Bad idea. After spending $80 on a tiny salad (Travis) and a few¬†strips¬†of mediocre kangaroo (me) we were starving and grouchy. So we ended up here…


A crepe food truck. We waited for almost thirty minutes for a chocolate crepe (not even Nutella) and it was not worth it. I did finish it though…


I mean I would hate for our $9 to go to waste. Moral of the story: give yourself time to get dinner somewhere with a good recommendation (most likely not right in front of the Opera House).


Here we are before the play. Travis was worried about wearing jeans but then I showed him this…


As long as you have shoes, you’re good. I wasn’t joking¬†here¬†when I said Australians love to go barefoot.


The play was in one of the smaller theaters but our seat were great! It was a two person play with no intermission but it definitely held your attention and kept you thinking even after you left. I would have enjoyed it even more if the gentleman on the other side of me had not made himself at home halfway in my seat.


When we got out it was dark outside and the Opera House and Harbour Bridge were all lit up. It was so pretty (and chilly), it almost felt like it was November. Almost. Then I felt the heat from my awkward knee sunburn radiating through my jeans.


We ended the night walking around The Rocks and popping into Fortune of War- which boasts itself as the oldest bar in Sydney. It was an old hotel that was turned into a pub, it also proved to be a prime people watching spot.

The next day was my favorite- get ready for picture overload later this week!