Hobart Expeditions

Well now that we are 5 months out from our Tassie trip it is about time to wrap up the recaps. Our last stop was the capital, Hobart. Last time we didn’t spend too much time there so we were looking forward to having three nights there to close out our trip.

We drove in straight from Wineglass Bay and headed toward the cottage we rented through the site Stayz, we are usually loyal AirBnB users but that site actually had more options and better rates for Hobart. The historic home was SO cute. I totally failed at getting pictures of all the quirky features, so you will have to check out the pics on the listing and bear with this crappy snapchat pic of the outside.

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Wineglass Bay {Tasmania}

Hi friends! I am back in Australia and ready to get back into blogging. I started this post two and a half months ago and finally getting around to finishing it. When I left off we had visited the Bay of Fires and spent the night in Scamander.

The next morning we checked out and headed to a different bay, Wineglass Bay, in the Freycinet National Park. We took the trail up to the top, stopping at a few lookouts on the way.

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Bay of Fires {Tasmania}

When I left off, we were heading out of Launceston towards the east coast. Our first stop at the Bay of Fires was an area called The Gardens. It is by far the most beautiful beach I have ever visited.


It was pretty windy (as you can see by Leighton’s face) so we couldn’t stay too long.









After spending some time at The Gardens our next stop was Binalong Bay where we saw more of the gorgeous orange rocks.



From there we had a late lunch in St. Helens and picked up some groceries for dinner because we knew from experience that Scamander (where we were staying) has little in the dining department. We also picked up two dozen oysters for $1 each from the side of the road. A way better bargain than anywhere in Brisbane and much fresher.

Our apartment in Scamander had everything we needed (even a fake fireplace/heater) and an ocean view.


We did have a little mishap when I went to shower and accidentally flooded the bathroom. The maintenance man that came out (immediately) was so friendly and fell in love with Leighton. When he returned with supplies to clean up the mess he brought her a Finding Nemo stuffed animal.


Just as we were getting settled in a storm blew through, so we got all cozy and enjoyed our oysters and some Tassie wine. The rain passed by quickly and we were left with this gorgeous rainbow.



The next morning we headed out to see another bay, Wineglass Bay but more on that next week…

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Walks and Wine in Launceston 

Well I didn’t mean to take a full week off of blogging but I started this post last Tuesday and between a baby demanding my attention and subpar internet service I didn’t get around to finishing it until Saturday. #momlife

When I left off last week two weeks ago, we were just leaving Cradle Mountain and heading towards Launceston. We pulled into a rainy Launceston mid afternoon and quickly checked into our Airbnb, which was a loft in a historical building downtown (pictured below). Then we drove around to get our bearings and see the city. We had spent a day there on our last trip but stayed in a different area.

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Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain

The first stop on our journey around Tasmania was Cradle Mountain. We didn’t have time to go there on our trip last year so we made sure to plan a day there on this one.

Once we landed in Hobart we picked up our rental car and headed towards the Promised Land… no really, that was the name of the town our cabin was in. As we started off we passed by beautiful vineyards and orchards. The weather was sunny and perfect so we decided to stop in the most adorable town of Richmond. Travis had read about the town and how it was home to the first Catholic church in Australia.


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Exploring Historic Hobart

Our time in Hobart was much too brief. We rolled in late Saturday afternoon, first making a pit stop at (where else?) a winery. We had to go off of the beaten path a little to find Stefano Lubiana winery, but the views were worth it.



We had worked up quite an appetite by this point, so we enjoyed some bubbles and a cheese plate on the patio.



The beautiful grounds plus the gorgeous weather made for the perfect afternoon (the company wasn’t too bad either).


We were still on our high from the day when we rocked up to our Airbnb (that’s number three if you’re counting) and we were not disappointed. The heritage listed cottage made you feel like you were stepping back in time, and you couldn’t help but feel warm and cozy when you were inside.

It was also a short walk into the city centre and harbor. We strolled around and peeked at all the boats (and the people hanging off of them) before stopping for a pint at Australia’s oldest hotel.






Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.54.41 PM


It seems like all of the seafood we buy in Brisbane comes from Tasmania, so we knew what we wanted for dinner.

New life plans: open a bed and breakfast in Tasmania. What a gem you are, Tassie.#forgottheselfiestick

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We were spoiled for choice being so close to the water, but finally decided on Blue Eye. It was a bit unsuspecting in the bottom of what appeared to be a residential building, but the food was delicious. Hands down our favorite was the barbecued octopus.

Sunday was our last day in Hobart and we wanted to make the most of it. We headed out early to find breakfast, but soon realized a lot of places were closed on Sundays. As we were aimlessly driving around the Battary Point neighborhood I spotted Jackman & McRoss. I immediately recognized the name from my Hobart blog research and knew we needed to try it out.



The adorable bakery/cafe lived up to the reviews. Even better were the prices, which were not borderline ridiculous like most places in Australia.





We strolled around the neighborhood and waterfront for a while before heading to the MONA.

We had been on the fence if we were going to visit the Museum of Old and New Art since we aren’t really museum people. But after reading over and over how unique, provocative, controversial etc it was my curiosity was peaked.


The property itself is massive and includes multiple restaurants, a winery, a cinema, a brewery and a three story museum.


The exhibits themselves were all very unique, with some being a little more explicit than others. Personally I would not bring my (future) children there, but we did see many families walking around.

Pretty sure our favorite was this trampoline right on the edge of the peninsula. Nothing beats jumping with a view.



That wraps up our trip to Tasmania, hope you enjoyed following along!

Next trip recap series will be our Thanksgiving in Bali with one of our favorite couples from home…

Lovin’ Launceston 

After our afternoon at the tulip festival, we drove to our next stop- Launceston.

Travis had booked a “charming” bed and breakfast that was less than charming to say the least (there’s that 85% again). Luckily, it was in a great location and we got to walk straight down a hill of historic homes into the city center. We walked into town and chatted up the bartender at the cider bar for suggestions on what to do with our time in Launceston.

The next morning we went to check out Cataract Gorge per the bartenders suggestion. We drove and parked but you can easily walk from the middle of town.


Cataract Gorge is a river basin that has hiking trails, a swimming pool, suspension bridge, cafe and the world’s longest chairlift that takes you to the top. Continue reading

Tasmania’s Tulip Festival

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Last week I told you about our road trip up the east coast of Tasmania, but what I didn’t explain was the reason behind our trip. Travis saw a picture somewhere of the Blooming Tulips festival in Tasmania, and that alone inspired us to book our trip for that very weekend in October.

Once we left Bay of Fires we headed inland towards Table Cape, the home of the tulip festival. We made a couple pitstops including one at this spooky abandoned church and cemetery.

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Road Tripping Tasmania’s East Coast

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Today I am FINALLY getting around to talking about our Tasmania trip we took back in October. Even though Australia’s smallest state hasn’t made much of an appearance on the blog, Travis and I haven’t stopped raving about it since we have returned.

Our trip was pretty short, but we tried to make the most of our limited time. We flew into Hobart and immediately hopped in a rental car and headed east. We had a beachside airbnb booked for the night in a quaint coastal town and we wanted to see as much as we could before we turned in for the night.

It didn’t take long to realize Tassie’s beauty and had to stop for multiple photo shoots before we even made it our first destination.

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Five on Friday: I heart Tasmania

Happy Friday!

This week has been quite a doozy. Travis abandoned me once again for a “training class” all week which I am pretty sure is code for secret family.

I worked the majority of the week, which included taking 5th and 6th graders to play AFL (Aussie football) against other schools all day at some fields in town. Australians are notoriously sun smart and while all these children were lathering themselves in sunscreen and making sure they had a hat on at all times, this fair skinned American was baking. It’s 8pm and I just woke up from a sunburn induced coma. Gotta kick off the weekend with a bang!

So while I nurse my poor skin with aloe vera I figured I would reflect back on last weekend when the weather was cool and my husband and I were in the same post code.

Ah Tasmania- we absolutely fell in love with you. We took a little extended weekend trip to this island Aussie state to check out the tulip festival and do a little coastal road tripping, what we found was so much more.

I will write plenty more about Tasmania in a separate post (if I ever finish wrapping up our Asia adventures), but until then here are my five favorite moments from last weekend.

Honeymoon Bay

DSC_0108I had never even heard of this place, but the first day on our way back from checking out the popular Wineglass Bay we saw a sign and decided to see what it was. I am so glad we did. It was a beautiful little bay within the larger Cole’s Bay. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and enjoyed a little stroll before watching the sunset over the ocean. It was the perfect introduction to Tassie. Continue reading