Day in the Life {Pregnant Teacher Edition} 

Day in the life posts are always my favorite to read on other blogs, but until now I haven’t cared to post my own. As my days at work are numbered it’s starting to hit me that this season of my life is about to be over. In two short months I’m going from working full-time as a teacher to being a full-time mom.

While I’m sure I will be returning to the classroom later on, I’m pretty certain this is the only time in my life that I’m in this particular position- pregnant and teaching in Australia. I wanted to document a typical day so I can remember this unique time. Plus I think it will be fun to look back on and compare teaching in different countries.


I wake up on my own without an alarm. I actually half woke up when Trav’s alarm went off to go to the gym an hour before, but I went back to sleep once we left. I lay in bed for a while because baby girl is moving around so much, I just want to lay there and feel her for a while.

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