The Teneriffe Festival

I am not going to lie- this happened a month and a half ago. I was so caught up in our New Zealand posts that there were several post ideas that went by the wayside. Since we are on vacation in southeast Asia right now I figured now would be the perfect time to share them with you.

If all has gone according to plan, we are relaxing on the beach in Phuket, Thailand today. But for the sake of this post I am taking you back to July 4th and our neighborhood festival in Brisbane.

I have confessed my love for our neighborhood before, and in fact it is one of my most viewed posts on the blog, so obviously I am not the only one that finds Teneriffe utterly charming. I remember when we moved in last year we had just missed the Teneriffe festival, so I was looking forward to being able to go this year.

The best part about the festival? The location. It was right outside our front door. In fact if we wanted to use our car at all that day we had to move it out of the garage the night before because our entire street was shut down. We started getting flyers and announcements for the Tenerife festival over a month before the actual event. That’s when we realized this wasn’t some little neighborhood carnival with a few food stalls and a clown.


Starting at around nine am we heard the set up outside of our window, the gates opened at 10 and we wandered down around 11. There were multiple stages with live music of all genres playing all day. There were pop up bars, restaurants and artisan shops tucked in the laneways between the historic wool store buildings. There was a freaking cheese market and a champagne and oysters bar. There were crowds flooding the streets making it hard to get a decent shot but it gives you an idea how packed it was.



We wandered around and took in all that the festival had to offer before deciding what we wanted to check out first.






Behind our apartment on the river, a group had set up a bunch of old US military vehicles from World War 2. This was especially fun to look at since it was the 4th of July.



My favorite event- the piglet races. Seriously how cute are they in their sparkly little bibs?





I could have filled this entire post with pictures of the piglets but I figured this was plenty. They were so adorable racing around (and just stopping) on the little track. They reminded me of my favorite childhood movies- Babe and Gordy.

They also had a sheep shaving demonstration to honor the heritage of the neighborhood.



After checking out the livestock we met up with some friends who had just arrived and showed them the lay of the land (at this point we had been creeping around for almost 4 hours so we knew the layout pretty well). We stopped in some of the pop up bars and then checked out a band playing on the “floating” stage that I had been watching them build all week.




We ended the night back in the Pork, Cork and Fork laneway drinking overpriced Hawaiian themed drinks and listening to a DJ play some serious throwbacks. By 7pm we were pretty exhausted and when the sun sets before 5 it feels a lot later. Our favorite delivery ramen joint (Taro’s) had a stall set up right in front of our house so we saved a few bucks on a delivery fee, grabbed a couple bowls and headed to the comfort of our couch.

If only all weekend festivities were so conveniently located.