Christmasy Weekend in Brisbane

Since we are leaving for Texas on Thursday we decided to do some Christmas celebrations early here in Brisbane. Tuesday morning we surprised Leighton with her toy kitchen. I had gone on a mission to find the hot commodity kmart kitchen. I then copied a hack I saw on Instagram and painted the hardware and fake wood.

She was sick on Tuesday (ear infection), so her response was pretty anticlimactic. Once she started feeling better, she hasn’t stopped playing with it. Continue reading

Weekend Update: Cliffs, Birthdays and the WWE

I have been slacking in the blogging department lately and I don’t have much excuse. I have pictures and things to share, so if anyone would like to come over and put together my posts for me I would appreciate it.

The last two weekends we have been laying low and staying in town in anticipation of our big trip next week. In Australia it’s completely normal to take two and a half week vacations just because, but we are still wrapping our heads around being away from home that long.

We have had some pretty eventful last couple weekends so I figured I should fill you in…

Abseiling (Rapeling)

For our anniversary this year I gave Travis a gift certificate for a guided abseiling session at the Kangaroo Point cliffs here in Brisbane. The cliffs are along the Brisbane River directly across from the CBD (downtown), so it was just a ferry ride away from our apartment. As the gracious wife that I am, I volunteered to accompany Travis on his session (although let the record show that I did tell him he could wait until his friends visit in November to cash it in). We started off at the Riverlife activity center where we stashed our stuff and met up with the group. We walked the steepest set of stairs ever to the top of the cliffs (people actually use the stairs at the cliffs as a workout in itself) as the “winter” sun was  beating down on us. Since it was a Saturday with gorgeous weather our group was pretty large, so of course Travis decided to volunteer us to go first. I let him take the lead and he got strapped up with the guide and cautiously stepped backwards on to a cliff.


Once you get over the initial fear of stepping backwards and getting comfortable relying on your harness it’s so fun! After our first time down, we immediately raced back to the top to get a second turn before our time was up.



As the sun began to set (which happens extremely early here) they turn colored flood lights on that shine on the cliffs.


We had a blast on our first abseil trip and can’t wait to take our next visitors! I also found out my favorite Glasshouse mountain hike also has an abseil trip that you can do, but Travis says we need to get a little more practice in before we hit up the big guys.

WWE Live

I mentioned Trav’s impulse buy of WWE Live tickets on a previous blog post but long story short after a couple glasses of wine he decided to purchase tickets to see his childhood hero Hulk Hogan when he came to town with the WWE (World Wrestling something that starts with E). Well in case you missed it, Hulk Hogan was fired from his job after some video of him being racist came out. Our tickets were non-refundable so off we went to my very first wrestling match last Thursday (PS I believe Thursday night counts as the weekend, it’s like the weekend eve). It was pretty much what you would expect and the people watching was pretty spectacular. The wrestler that took Hulk’s place as the GM is actually a Texan himself and attended our alma mater, so there’s that. Overall it was a pretty entertaining evening even if I did accidentally take a cat nap. Also, I was so busy snap chatting the whole event (username: courtneyalkek) that I forgot to save a single picture! Does anyone else have that problem?


While technically the visitors were not here to see us I’m still referring to them as that. My blog/real life friend Laura and her husband Peter were in Brisbane Friday night before heading up the Fraser Island. We met them for drinks at our favorite little gin bar and then ate a nutricious dinner of friend chicken and pork rolls at another bar down the street. We had a great night of chatting about expat life in Australia and watching drunk people trip on the stairs by our table.


The Christmas lights really add to the winter vibe. But seriously I keep thinking that Christmas is coming up soon, I am not sure I will ever get used to opposite seasons. We also got to spend time with Laura and Peter when they crashed on our air mattress before flying back to Melbourne this morning.

Birthday Boy

Travis’ 32nd birthday was on Saturday and I had big plans to surprise him with his cake and birthday banner when he walked in the door from work on Friday, but that failed when he came home early (and immediately opened the fridge and saw the cake box). So I had to move my “surprise” to Saturday morning while he was asleep. He came downstairs at 8am to an oreo cheesecake and I insisted on him serenading him.

IMG_2796 IMG_2797

We saved the cake for later and headed out to brunch. I had been wanting to try a place by our apartment that is owned by two rugby players, one of which Travis really likes (Sam Thaiday). He kept joking that it would really make his birthday if he was there and sure enough right when we walked up he was standing outside. Travis creepily watched him waiting for an opportunity to ask to take a picture with him but he snuck out of a side door before we got a chance.


But don’t worry we will be back next Saturday to see if he’s there (not creepy at all). In the mean time just admire my delicious Avo toast with pumpkin and chunks of feta.

The day continued with a stroll to the farmer’s market and a sunny ferry ride to the Regatta Hotel to have drinks in their courtyard. I am absolutely in love with the weather right now in Brisbane. Can it be winter forever? We have chilly mornings and evenings and pool weather during the day.



I can not believe that this weekend will be our last one here before we leave for Thailand and Vietnam! EEEk! What did you do over the weekend?

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