Friday Favorites 11/7

Today’s Friday Favorites will be pretty short and sweet. Mostly because this week has been pretty uneventful. Travis has been in Denver since last Friday. That has not been a favorite of mine.

But here are some things that are…

Melbourne Cup


Tuesday was “the race that stops the nation” and in Brisbane life was pretty much stopped. Companies closed up shop around lunch (for the employees that didn’t take off already) and everyone was out in their race day finest. It’s so fun having an excuse to get dressed up and put on a fascinator in the middle of the week. I spent the afternoon with two of my girlfriends, Meghan and Monique, indulging in champagne and macaroons.

No Yelling Driving School

I took my first driving lesson on Tuesday from the No Yelling Driving School. Yes, that really is the name of it. You actually are guaranteed to get your money back if they yell at you and I was expecting to end up with a free lesson knowing my driving skills. My instructor, Robert, picked me up and immediately got out of the car and told me to get in the driver’s seat. I have never ever driven standard OR on the other side of the road. I was about to pee my pants but then Robert agreed to drive us to a less busy street. From then on I drove for over an hour. Robert was soooo patient and I only scared the crap out of him once. He said “I reckon you did a good job.” so that was enough for me to book another lesson with him. I would definitely recommend him to any Brisbane expats! I’m excited to learn how to drive here so I don’t have to ride a bus 45 minutes to get to the mall that’s 15 minutes away.

Trav’s Celebrity Encounter 


I’m going out on a limb and speaking for Travis on his favorite part of the week. He texted me this picture today of him and Greg Abbott (Texas’ new governor) at the LA airport. Travis said he was the only one around that seemed to know who he was so was able to talk to him for a good while. He even went back and told him my grandparents are big Republican supporters and asked if he could get a picture for them. So that’s just for you, Charlie and Jake, I know your reading. 🙂

Countdown App


I re-downloaded one of my favorite countdown apps in anticipation of our upcoming trips. I am getting excited to leave for Sydney for the long weekend (any recommendations are most welcome!) but I am most excited about going to London to see my family (and wear scarves and boots). My sister and I have already started our own text message countdown. It’s hard being on the opposite end of the world from your family but I am so excited when we do get to see them we get to explore new places at the same time. Only 20 more days!!!

Oh and one random thing having to do with my previous post that talked about the cost of living here- look what I saw at the store today IMG_0965

 for 3 blades!! Alright- I’m done complaining. Happy Weekend 🙂

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