A Weekend in Noosa

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a magical holiday season. We are about to head off to Texas for two whole months, so I figured I should share about our recent weekend getaway to Noosa before it’s too late.

Travis and I spent a weekend in Noosa one million years ago (almost four, super old posts here) and we have been saying for ages we needed to go back. It’s an easy almost two hour drive from Brisbane and absolutely stunning, so it seems crazy we haven’t been lately.

We left Brissy at 8:30 and a couple hours later we were pulling into beautiful Noosa Heads. Since it was too early to check in to our accommodation, we headed straight to Hastings St where all the cafes and shops are. It can get really busy and parking is always a struggle but we managed to snag a three hour spot before heading in search of coffee and brunch.

Cafe La Monde was our choice since it was on a list of best brunches and it was nice and spacious (double pram probs). I had eggs Benedict, Trav a crab omelette, Leighton had scrambled eggs and Houston devoured a teething rusk ;). He’s still getting the hang of the whole eating thing.

Post caffeine, we went back to the car to get beach ready. Luckily our car park wasn’t a long walk to the Main Beach (Hastings St runs along the coast and has some gorgeous hotels that cost a pretty penny).

Leighton was sooo excited to play in the waves and sand. Houston lasted a few minutes before he face planted in the sand (still working on sitting), nursed and fell asleep hard.

Travis and I took turns relaxing in the tent with Houston and playing in the ocean with Leighton. She had zero fear, so it was quite a workout holding on to her. Noosa is a surf beach with good sized waves.

Before we knew it, a toddler meltdown told us it was past nap time so we cleaned up and headed to the Airbnb. Our place was an excellent location, walking distance to both Hastings St and Noosaville’s main dining area and just across the street was more restaurants and Noosa’s own ferry. Other than the location there wasn’t much to write home about, just a standard vacation rental.

One fail on my part was not bringing something to put Houston in. Downstairs was all tile and he is way too mobile to lay on a couch, so he just climbed all over me.

After both kids napped (parent win), we walked over to the ferry and took it to Hastings St.

We had a nice dinner at Roccoco, the great thing about Noosa is it’s a family holiday town so everywhere is very accommodating and have plenty of high chairs.

While we were there, Santa paid a visit and Leighton was not a fan.

After dinner we noticed a crowd and saw they were lighting a Christmas tree at the end of Hastings St.

The ferry wasn’t running anymore so we walked off dinner on the 20 minute walk home (and Houston snoozed).

The next morning, Houston was up extra early due to no blackout shades and Queensland not having daylight savings (the sun rises at 4:45) and Leighton wasn’t far behind. We took advantage of the early start and headed off to the Eumundi Markets (twenty minute drive).

The markets are huge and full of local handmade items. Fun fact: this is where Travis bought a didgeridoo four years ago. We got there by 8 and found a free car park but any later the parking gets very full and most spots you do have to pay.

Poor Houston was cutting two teeth the whole weekend and was such a trooper, no tears shed but plenty of chewing on everything.

We had coffees and doughnuts and did a bit of shopping, meanwhile it was already getting very warm.

We drove to the Noosa Spit, not far from where we were the day before but it’s where the Noosa River meets the ocean. We found a parking spot right up front and Trav took advantage of the concessions truck parked by us and hooked Leighton up with a 10am ice cream.

Houston wasn’t sure what to think and I’m pretty sure the majority of it wound up on Leighton’s dress.

The beach was absolutely stunning. White sand and clear water, plus hardly anyone else there! We had sooooo much fun playing in the cool water and it was perfect for the kids since it was shallow and calm.

Houston took a break for some banana and milk and once again was out like a light. The next hour and a half he slept peacefully and we took turns with Leighton, who was in heaven in the water. She would not take a break for any reason and didn’t even touch her beloved sand toys. She kept saying “I just want to keep swimming.”

When it was finally time to go the only way we could appease her (and calm the overtired toddler sized meltdown) was saying she could go swimming at the pool at the Airbnb later. She was out cold within 5 minutes of being in the car. So I just ran in and grabbed lunch stuff for us at the grocery store.

After lunch, Houston went down for a nap too and Trav and I enjoyed some wine and a charcuterie plate on the patio. Of course as soon as we settled in, someone wanted to join.

Not long later she went to check on Houston and came back saying “Houston wanted to wake up!” 🙈. Judging by his disheveled state, I’m not sure that was the case. We decided then to have an early dinner and cleaned up for our walk to Noosaville.

Leighton loved this wooden camel statue at the Airbnb and kept hugging it.

Noosaville is the neighborhood along the Noosa river and has its own (much, much smaller) strip of restaurants along the water.

We had a nice seafood dinner at 5:30 with the other parents of young children before walking down to the water to watch the sunset.

Houston had his nightly bottle while Leighton ran around in the grass. We let them play a bit longer, and it was one of my favorite memories from the weekend. I love my people so much. That night we were all in bed asleep by 8:30 (Houston much earlier) and it was glorious.

Sunday we took advantage of our last day and early morning alarm clock and hit up Hastings St at 7:30 for a coffee and croissant. This guy was ready for the last beach day.

By 9 we were back at Spit and all was right in Leighton’s world. We all splashed and played and Houston napped.

Leighton wasn’t happy to leave but before we were even out of the car park she was sound asleep in her car seat. So we settled with some takeaway Mexican in the car before we headed back to Brissy.

It was the best weekend. Traveling with kids changes everything and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from our first holiday with two little ones. There were poopy diapers and tantrums as usual, but there was also so much fun had and they both impressed me with how great and flexible they were. Looks like we need to go away more often ☺️.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Noosa

  1. Looks like such a great weekend. I love, love, love Noosa! I can’t believe Houston just naps on a towel on the beach… how do you get a baby to do that?!! Also nothing wrong with a 10am ice cream 😉
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas in Texas!

  2. Hey, you guys looks so cute and happy! It’s a great way to spend your holidays with your family in Australia) What will be your next destination?

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