Leighton {Two Years Old}

24 months of this wild haired, sassy, little lady. It’s hard to believe she has only been in our lives for two years, because she is such a big part of our family.

Leighton at two years old is absolutely hilarious. She picks up on EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything. You can’t do or say anything that you don’t want repeated. She has been known the mimic us, inflection and all. People stop me all the time to say how cute she is, but people that are around her for longer than a few minutes always have to comment on her personality and sass. Continue reading

Leighton {21 Months}

I started typing up this post before Houston was born and updated it not long after. Well, Leighton is now over 22 months and I’m finally hitting publish.

One of the first things I did after taking the pregnancy test this go around was do the math to see how old Leighton was going to be when the baby was born. 21 months. That seemed so far away at the time. That time is here, and now our chubby, little one year old is only a few months from two.

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